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Pisces is a minimal, black & white (with some shades of gray!) sharp magazine-style theme – express your thoughts in style. Pisces incorporates smart custom background images (images less than 960px will be used as a pattern, while images above 960px resolution will be displayed fullscreen) and social footer links (just add your social links to ‘Social links’ menu and it’s done!). Furthermore, Pisces is responsive!

  • Forever

    Yeah, literally, all the themes will be released under 100% GPL license. Feel free to use them, hack them, share them.

  • Newbie-friendly

    Using the best WordPress theme development practices, I'm gonna build themes that are easy to use.

  • Simple,
    yet powerful.

    No bloat, no complex installation & setup. Pure WordPress experience. Trust me — you gonna love it.

  • You
    do matter.

    I'd like you to get involved — report bugs, help fellow users, spread the word! I won't be able to do this without you.

  • Fresh &

    Being more of a front-end person, I love playing around with HTML / CSS / jQuery. Sometimes, I do magic with those.

  • Handcrafted
    ...with love.

    As I've already mentioned, I have more than 5yrs of experience working with WordPress. I heart it.