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XAMPP vs WAMP: Which Is Right for You ? Deeply Explained

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Throughout my expertise in web development, I constantly had a question in my head ” That one is better? ” Because of this, I chose to make a contrast of xampp vs wamp. WAMP and XAMP are equally free to download programs and therefore are used for conducting local web server in your Notebook and PCs. Both of these include an APACHE Server, PHP, and MySQL for running and developing sites locally. WordPress users largely have a local version of the site where they create posts, edit topics and attempt new plugins, before eventually uploading them to their internet site.

XAMPP vs WAMP — Rapid Replies


Works on Windows/Linux and MAC
includes an easy clean Interface. Great for novices
Package contains Apache, PHP, MySql and Perl.


Has easy interface with more choices, great for developers.
Package doesn’t contain Perl. Just contains Apache,PHP and MySql.
Has fewer extensions compared to XAMPP.


XAMPP vs WAMP – Installation Comparison

This two software are simple to Install. I have made different tutorials on the best way to set up xampp host and the way to set up WampsServer. You can test them out, these tutorials have the application download links. Simply download whatever one you prefer and stick to the process.

Continuing on to the gap, you’ll observe that XAMPP supports operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and MAC. However, WAMP simply runs on Windows and Linux. If you’re a MAC user, you’ll need to download MAMP applications that are the wamp alternative for MAC. I’d recommend that you simply go for XAMPP since that works fairly well for MAC. Hope this helps most of the MAC users out there.

XAMPP vs WAMP – Interface Comparison

XAMPP vs WAMP screenshotThe XAMPP Interface is rather straightforward, by default you’ve got Apache and MySQL options enabled. Simply click on the start button of those options to begin their solutions. You can now work on your own PHP/Web Projects. XAMPP also provides its customers with Tomcat, Mercury, and FileZila providers but because most of my work is currently in PHP, so I have not used them.

XAMPP VS WAMP ScreenshotWhen you put in Wamp, an icon appears in your taskbar. Left-click the icon along with the wamp menu, as shown on the left, seems. Wamp Interface provides the consumer more control, it is possible to edit Apache files, PHP files, and MySQL File out of here.

To begin Wamp solutions, click on the “Start All Services” choice and see the color of wamp icon change from Red to Orange to Green. There’s also a halt and restart choice. Personally, however, I believe that the wamp interface is somewhat bloated and there are too many choices in too small a room for novices.

XAMPP vs WAMP – Standard Packages and Extensions


Standard Package:

As I have mentioned previously, xampp bundle comprises Apache server + PHP + MySQL + Perl services. In contrast, the wamp bundle sheds in Perl but comprises Apache server + PHP + MySQL services.


This is where the significant difference lies between the two, xampp along with wamp. Both provide add-ons/extensions for their user. Even though wamp just offers PHP add-ons, xampp provides a whole lot more flexibility to the consumer. XAMPP can use WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop and a whole lot more.


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Download WAMP from here   and XAMPP from here

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