Some people can apply any other makeup with ease until you hand them a bottle of eyeliner and their prowess comes to an end. For some reason, liquid eyeliners have more advantages than those that are powder-based. Below are some notable benefits of liquid eyeliner.

  • Longevity

If you apply liquid eyeliner properly and allow it to dry up, it will last longer than a powder-based one.

  • Bigger Eyes Illusion

Who wouldn’t like their eyes looking slightly bigger? If you want big eyes, then liquid eyeliner is the way to go. To achieve this look, ensure that you start applying your eyeliner from the inner circle of your upper eyelashes. As you move outwards, thicken the line gradually.

  • For a cat-eye effect, make a 45-degree flick at the end. You definitely will be smoking hot.
  • Unlike powder eyeliner, liquid eyeliner won’t smudge or fall off during the day despite sweating. Liquid eyeliner allows you to explore your creativity.

Having explored its benefits, knowing some tips and tricks on how to apply it is vital. It is nothing close to rocket science. Let’s take a look at some tips.

Always Keep Your Eyes Open

It might prove hard fighting the urge to close your eyes. No matter how hard it is, it is worth the struggle. Drawing a straight line with your eyes closed is not the easiest thing to do.

Open your eyes slightly and move a few inches closer to the mirror.

Start With a Sketch

Liquid eyeliner will need at least two layers for a perfect look. To prevent mistakes, draw your outline using a pencil first. Use a pen that has a subtle shade, and that is easy to correct. Once you are satisfied with your pencil-drawn shape, go ahead and fill it up with liquid eyeliner.

Join the Dots

Your hands might be a little bit shaky. But shaky hands should never come between you and attractive eyes. To avoid making mistakes, don’t draw one continuous stroke. Instead, draw short dashes until they form one continuous line. For best results, start working mid-lash.

Makeup Remover Makes Your Mistakes Worse

Before you master the liquid eyeliner art, you will make a lot of mistakes. Every time you make a mistake, your first instinct might be reaching out for makeup remover to make corrections. However, it only makes the situation worse since it might end up smearing all over. Use some water instead.

Get a better brush

The eyeliner comes with a brush. But, that is not the best way to use it. It might be too fine to achieve your desired look. Get a stiff brush that is not longer than 1cm for precision.

Start With an Eyeshadow Primer

If you are determined to look attractive; you will do all it takes because you cannot afford to take chances. Although it might sound like a lot of work, starting with an eyeshadow primer goes a long way in giving you perfect results. The primer makes your liquid eyeliner dry up faster as compared to applying on a naked eyelid.

Store Your Liquid Eyeliner Correctly

The name suggests, liquid eyeliner is some ink. For you to use it, the ink must flow to the tip. For ease in use, store your eyeliner facing down so that the ink can flow to the tip.

You might be practicing applying eyeliner for ages and probably haven’t gotten it right yet. What could the problem be? The truth is, anyone can look good in eyeliner if they do it right. The reason why yours does not look like your favorite celebrities is that you could be making some unnecessary mistakes while at it.

Let’s take a look at common mistakes people make. You could detect your error and work on it!

  • You Tug Your Eye

This is one mistake that almost everybody who applies eyeliner might be guilty of. You might like how taut your skin looks during application. However, once you let go of the eye when you are done, the outcome will be different. Your eyeliner will bounce back just like your skin, leaving you with a bumpy look.

  • Using the Wrong Applicator

Did you watch a tutorial online? If yes, you are most likely to be guilty of this mistake, especially when it comes to liquid eyeliner. You probably watched a tutorial and saw a brush, rushed to the shop, and got the exact brush for yourself.

What works for someone else might not work for you. Try using a different applicator. If you were using a brush that led to disappointing results, try a felt-tipped applicator. If you were using the felt-tipped applicator that did the same, try using a brush and see which one suits you best.

  • You Don’t Strike a Balance

Needless to say, your eye has both an upper lid and lower lid. Mostly, people tend to emphasize the lower lid, neglecting the upper one. If you leave out the top lid, your lower lid will feel heavy.

For a more flattering look and feel, apply your liquid eyeliner on both eyelids. You can choose a lighter shade for the lower lid to get the best results.

  • What Do You Apply on Your Waterline?

If your answer is a black liner; you might be getting it all wrong. Applying a black liner along your waterline makes your eyes look smaller, something to avoid at all costs. Instead of black, try using softer colors. For instance, try a color like bronze and watch the transformation.

  • Why are the Cat Eyes Uneven?

While drawing cat eyes, both sides should be as even as possible. However, this can only be achieved if you follow all the methods step by step. Don’t close your eyes since that is the only way to draw even cat eyes. For precision, start by drawing a dot up to the point you would like the cat-eye to extend to. Then go ahead and join the dot to the outer corner.

Liquid eyeliner, when applied correctly, can transform your entire look. Follow these practical tips and buy the best liquid eyeliner any day they won’t disappoint.

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