Whenever I thought of purchasing a new fridge, some common names would play around my mind. It was only after a long-day online search when I came across this awesome 3star frost-free model from Haier. As a brand that I have not heard about very often, I was quite sceptical about this product. However, now after using it for a year, all my misconceptions have been proven wrong.

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The unqiue thing of this silver-coloured model was its bottom freezer. For so long, my family has been accustomed to use upper fridge door for accessing the freezer. But, this was really different and a welcoming change for all of us.

Moving to design, look n feel and space, the model has it all. Compact and dynamically built, it is the trendiest of all tech-savvy fridges in the market. I fell in love with the overall texture of this marvellous fridge. Its solo colour also features a modern look and unknowingly I have added a contemporary theme to my house. When my guests come in, the first thing they appreciate is the Haier product. With these features, I did not hope for large spacious compartments and once again I was overruled. The separate and neatly placed units for all kinds of food and liquids is one thing which I appreciate about this model. When I have anything to keep in the fridge, I immediately spot the right place without being confused. Bottles from small to large sizes, easily fits in.

As my present fridge does not have frost-free technology, I had to take lot of pain in removing ice and clearing the mess. However, with this frost-free model, I need not worry about such inconveniences. Further, the easy-to-press auto-defrost button prevents excess ice-build up. It works automatically and saves my rest time.

With the world running after energy saving lifestyle, I too wanted to have some similar technology in my fridge. And after embracing Haier, getting lower amount bills became a reality. The stabiliser-free operation of this model is yet another reason for purchasing it.

In addition to these, the fridge racks deserve a special mention. Never did I expect all my heaviest containers to fit in without any hassle. I can keep as many as I want without struggling. I feel that although the racks may look thin, it has higher strength to support the weight of containers while giving maximum cooling.

Noise is an annoying factor in most fridges and going by my past experiences, I really did not wish for a noise-free model. Haier continued to change such wrong perceptions and gift me a new reality. Now, I easily open and close the doors without getting any sound. We also don’t hear any other sound coming from the fridge.

With all these awesome features, I feel proud of my choice and many thanks to Haier for making a perfect model. Overall, I am highly satisfied at the performance, cooling and hassle-free maintenance of this fridge. Indeed, a real package of the best-in-class features.

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