Roller blinds are one of the simplest and cheapest window coverings today, this is due to the way they are made and the low cost of the raw materials. Roller blinds will add extra beauty to your home, not only that but they will protect your floors and furniture design from fading in the harsh sunlight.

In countries like India and Australia, there is a very high UV index due to being located in an area where the ozone layer is weak and also being situated near the equator, so it’s important to ensure you install your window treatments ASAP. Roller blinds come in a variety of colours and styles to give your room a versatile look.

For those of you looking for a cost-effective solution for their window treatments, you shouldn’t look any further than roller blinds and we’ll explain why below.

Suits any window or door.

One of the main reasons why roller blinds are so popular and widely used. Roller blinds can be made to fit almost any window or door even if it’s large, small, wide, or even ground to ceiling. For widths larger than 3000mm roller blinds can easily be linked or upgraded to a larger tube size so that they can support the weight and size of the entire blind. Check

Looks stylish

Roller blinds completely roll away when they are not in use and sit closer to the window which gives them a clean look. Having the cloth closer to the glass like this will help with privacy issues and reduce light gaps.

Because the fabric is a whole piece, roller blinds also have better light blocks than most other blinds (Most other blinds have slats, where light can seep through).

You will find roller blinds with a wide variety of colors and designs which will match any type of interior. Most roller blind retailers let you customize the base rail and brackets to give either a contrasting look to your room or better match your window trims or door handles.

At we have many of our relatives over in Australia, recently we had some of them buy a new home and we were happy to see the level of customisation that these retailers have compared to their equivalents here in India.

Provide flexibility

Roller blinds are stylish as well as flexible. You have the option of choosing from three different fabric properties, these include Sun Screen, Blockout, and Light Filtering. Each has different applications such as Day and Night privacy, whilst still being able to maintain or block the view.

They also give you options in color, style, pattern, and texture. If you want more sunlight then you can choose the light filtering fabric and if you need complete darkness then you can choose a blockout fabric.

The blackout fabric is suitable for a child’s room, bedroom, bathroom or anywhere where that full privacy day & night is required. Apart from being attractive, the point is that roller blinds allow you to adjust light and privacy very well.

Easy to operate

Another reason why roller blinds are very popular is that of their simplicity. They are easy to use, clean, maintain and are durable as well. Roller blinds have wear and tear properties, they can resist pressure and damage. Roller blinds can also be motorised for complete freedom.

These days motorised roller blinds are becoming popular due to integration with smart phone apps and decreasing costs, you can motorise your entire home without breaking the bank. You can set a timer to control the blind when it goes up and down.

They also have an ambient light sensor which detects the amount of sunlight and raises the blind automatically. If you’re not opting for a motorised blind, you can control the blind with a chain and clutch system. Some manufacturers even include a spring assist to help reduce the strength needed to raise and lower larger blinds