Guest Room Solutions: Wall Beds for Comfortable Sleeping and Extra Storage.

Designing the perfect guest room is a classic challenge of home decor. How can you provide guests with a comfortable bed and personal storage without sacrificing an entire room when you do not have guests? The answer lies in the beautiful simplicity of a wall bed.

Bestar wall beds are built into elegant cabinets that fold down to reveal a comfortable bed. They also typically come equipped with extra storage space that is perfect for a guest’s personal items.

Discover the perfect guest room solution by exploring how wall beds can work in your home design.

Unlocking Space-Saving Solutions

Wall beds, also called Murphy beds, are full-sized and comfortable. They appear as a luxurious guest bed with a stately headboard and personal shelves. Your guests will be greeted by a full- or queen-sized bed, a real mattress, and their own personal storage space for clothes and accessories. Any guest would be delighted to be welcomed by this comfortable bed after a weary day of travel or fun activities.

However, the bed design also allows you to save space when you have no guests to host. Without guests, the bed remains folded into an attractive cabinet with a few shelves to either side. This means that the bed doesn’t take up your space and the room can be dedicated to other purposes and is very easy to clean until you’re ready to prepare the room to host your next guest.

Comfortable Sleeping Options for Your Guests

Guests often resign themselves to napping on a couch or tolerating the ridges in a fold-out bed. But a wall bed provides all the comfort of a real bed frame and your choice of high-quality mattress. You can even put the bed away with fresh sheets tucked neatly around the mattress so that it is ready-to-use should guests arrive unannounced.

Murphy beds by Bestar are designed with a flexible support system on the underside of the bedframe, which is particularly comfortable. The slats adapt to ease tension in the body by giving way slightly to the underside of the mattress. Bestar wall beds accommodate most standard full- or queen-sized mattresses, so you can choose the most comfortable option for your guests.

Elegant and Convenient Extra Storage Space

Available storage space is important in any guest room design. Enclosed storage provides a place to store spare linens, while shelves and clothing rods give your guests a place to put their items and live comfortably during their stay. A bedside shelf and drawer are also customary to provide the convenience and privacy of a bedside table.

You can explore a wide variety of storage options that match your wall bed design with Bestar. You can choose closed or open storage, including drawers, storage cabinets, shelving, and clothing rods. Any combination might provide the perfect arrangement for your guest room storage and the needs of your guests.

Exploring Many Customizable Options

Each wall bed by Bestar also offers a variety of customizable design options. You can choose from an attractive range of cabinet styles and finishes to best match your home’s existing decoration. Explore the wide selection of preconfigured wall bed sets or create your own set with pieces chosen from the same collection as your desired wall bed.

The storage options offer a great deal of flexibility and can even be customized to suit your needs. Adjustable shelves allow you to rearrange or remove shelves, clothing rods, and cabinets to create the perfect bed and storage arrangement for your ideal guest room design over time.

The Joys of Multipurpose Guest Room Design

Many have found that transforming furniture is the perfect solution for guest room design. Wall beds make it possible to use your guest room as a home office, gym, craft room, or any other personal hobby room, then transform the space into a welcoming guest room when you have guests to host. In fact, you can even install a wall bed in your living room or den to surprise extra guests with unexpected comfort.

You can also find other transformational conveniences, such as desks that roll-out from your storage. There are even wall beds that reveal a laptop desk or a comfortable couch when the bed is closed for true room versatility.

Room for Guest Personal Activities

Even your guests will enjoy the fact that their bed can fold away. Many guests try their best not to take up space when visiting. However, by folding up their wall bed during the day, guests can enjoy the full space of a private room for things like daily exercise, self-care routines, and even working away from home in a comfortable home office environment.

Many guests will appreciate having a little more space to themselves when visiting. A private room is even more welcoming when they can do more than simply sleep in the space. The fold-away feature isn’t just convenient for hosts who enjoy room versatility. Your guests can enjoy it too.

If you have been puzzling over the best way to welcome guests and make use of your guest room at the same time, Bestar offers an elegant and space-saving solution. Your guest room has never been so convenient and comfortable at the same time. Discover the elegance and convenience of a transformational guest room design with wall beds by Bestar.

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