From schools and colleges to offices, printing and scanning materials constitute an essential function. Without a proper Printer cum Scanner, we cannot get good quality printed or scanned content. At the same time, it increases our time, requires more effort and incurs higher costs for releasing papers or scanning them and saving its data in online mode. Thus, to ensure the smooth functioning of such institutions, the need of the hour is to purchase a printer cum scanner and enjoy flawless service round-the-clock.

Here is a quick guide to the best-in-class Printer cum Scanner to increase efficiency, reduce time in paperwork and enjoy greater convenience.

  1. Canon Pixma G2000 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer

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The pure black colour of this scanner was the first thing I fell for as it relieved me from daily cleaning hassles. Talking about the printing and scanning speed, it’s beyond one’s imagination. In fact, it’s faster than most classic inkjets. You also get good quality text and scanned images in both black-and-white and colour. Time taken for the complete model is only 15minuts, another reason for purchasing the product. Its ink also lasts longer than others. Another aspect worth highlighting is lesser noise when the machine runs. I kept it inside my office room and worked without any disturbance.

My 2 years of usage, there were fewer areas of a disappointment though. Since I used it all day long, the nozzle had to be replaced very frequently. Also, as far as my memory goes, the Canon model needed an Internet connection for installing the software through the CD. All updates also took place in the presence of online connectivity. With all these features, I think is good to have in a home-based business.

  1. HP DeskJet 2135 All-in-One Ink Advantage Colour Printer

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I remember using this printer cum scanner years ago. Firstly, its superior quality black-and-white print is truly commendable. Secondly, it’s apt for domestic use as it incurs a lesser cost, say around 2 INR per page. The third most attractive thing was the sharpness of the content, which acted as a boon for my daughter’s school projects. Texts and images were so clear that when I used to zoom it, every bit of content could be easily detailed out. The next important aspect of this product is the ease and quick setup process. To my utter astonishment, I installed the entire unit in a few minutes and thanks to the HP website from where I downloaded the drivers for the installation lessons. Above all, I fell in love with the price. In my opinion, it is the best that one can get.

Despite such strong points, there were definitely some negative experiences with this model. The DVD supplied with the product was not updated and hence I was compelled to go online. The HP printer also didn’t offer any Wi-Fi support and there were small issues with colour printing.


  1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8730 All-in-one Colour Photo Printer

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The awesome printer cum Xerox was my 24*7 company until I got a new one. After a short span of experience with this product, I can proudly proclaim that it has the best speed and accuracy in printing, scanning, Xeroxing and other functions. My expenses were reduced to as much as 50% of what I incurred before. However, there was no compromise with the quality of scanned or xeroxed material, rather it was most professional.

Its NFC-enabled wireless technology gave excellent mobile support. Sitting on my office chair, I scanned and printed page after page in just one tap from my mobile. Its Wi-Fi support deserves equal acknowledgment. In just a few seconds, I could directly print, scan and Xerox pages directly from my USB. Overall, it was extremely easy-to-use, quite handy by nature besides being built on user-friendly technology. With a small-scale business at home, we need not look anywhere for getting the ideal scanner for simplifying the work process.

  1. Epson M200 All-in-One Inkjet Printer

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When I think of some delicate and efficient printer cum scanner, this is the first product to come to mind and there are reasons for this statement. To start with, its high speed and best quality printing is a package in itself. Both these features result in enhanced productivity and flawless functioning of the machine. With 2000 copies at one go, you need not worry about paper work formalities and can use it both in your domestic as well as in professional space. Its integrated dual line LCD panel is another characteristic worth mentioning. Thus, you can quickly specify your choices and see it yourself before the machine starts working. In addition to these, you get uninterrupted network connectivity

Will all these said, the product is definitely not error-free for I often came across jammed papers inside the unit. As it is a delicate unit, you need to be extra cautious especially while using it. The scanner often developed some glitch following which it started making noise while scanning. Other than these, there aren’t any problems with this printer.

  1. HP Laser Jet M1005 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

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Most suitable for offices and business houses, the laser-based printer cum Xerox is more than a machine for me now. The best thing worth noting about this product is the 12A universal toner which comes along with the product and is responsible for the finest quality of the print. The speed and performance of printer and scanner is another positive aspect of this product and when we get these at a cheaper cost, we hardly want it to go. The well-built structure of the printer together with its innovative design still continues to draw my attention amidst work. Besides these, the pocket-friendly cost of refilling toners is another reason to go for this marvelous printing and scanning unit. In short, I am highly satisfied by its excellent performance at a way lesser cost.

Although the price of the product hit my pocket hard but now after using it for a year, I can feel the difference. The second thing which I miss in this HP model is the mobile integration and wireless printing. But despite these, my work gets along smoothly. I get a productive result from this scanner and sincerely believe it to be a premium quality product in the market.


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