Life is too boring without an entertainment and if you are at home, then you will need a something which entertains you and TV plays an important role so that you can able to get rid of from your boredom.

Many of us thinking to buy a perfect Television is easy but trust us, it’s not. Before buying a Television, there are many things to keep in your mind like Size, Budget, Resolution, Features, What kind of Television you want, and many more. So, before starting our buying guide for Television, let’s discuss some type of Televisions available in markets.


LCD TVs: It carries a Liquid Crystal Display and uses CCFL technology. They are heavier than LED TVs. Slightly cheaper on a budget as compared to LED TVs.

LED TVs: They are Light Emitting Diode TVs in which lights come from back as well as from the edges with the help of emitting diodes. Lightweight, slimmer size, and provide best picture quality.

Plasma TVs: They give you the best picture quality because of their deep blacks. They have bridged the in terms of consumption of electricity but they a lot heavier than LED TVs.

OLED TVs: They are the latest technology in the market for TVs. It offers you curved shape, deep blacks with a thinner and lighter panel than LCD TVs display. It offers you the best quality in 4K resolutions.
Things to know before buying a TV

• First of all, select your budget and then choose the screen size of TV according to your room walls so that it matched your home.

• Then try to buy a TV of good contrast ratio because a lower contrast ratio will fade your screen image whereas, a bright contrast ratio lack the vibrancy. So, try to choose contrast ratio like 2000:1, 5000:1 for the best picture quality.

• Then check the aspect ratio which helps you to get a great picture quality. So, the aspect ratio of 16:9 is good enough.

• Also, try to focus on the Refresh rate of your TV that able to refresh your screen per second. You might see 60Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz, but always keep in mind that higher the refresh rate provide you a smoother image and reduce motion blur.
• We always try to buy a TV that may have more input options that input a signal from Computer, modern game console, HDMI, Pen Drives, etc. because these things will make your entertainment better.

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