Technology never seems to stop with advancements. For this reason, gaming companies can develop games with demanding graphics and if you don’t have the proper gear then you wouldn’t be able to play them. Nowadays gaming companies aren’t limited to PCs when making a game so if you’re a mobile gamer then you’ll have an abundance of games to choose from. Because of the rise of mobile gaming, phone companies are creating phones with better specs so you might wonder how to get the best phone that will support your gaming passion. For the gamers that are always traveling but prefer a keyboard and mouse set to a mobile phone, here are a few tips for buying the best gaming laptop

Both Video and Jackpot Games Require a Good GPU

Having a good graphics processing unit will enable you to play the best games that come out in the next couple of years. However, a good GPU costs a lot of money. The more money you have the better your GPU will be. If you’re looking for a decent GPU that will provide you with the power to play most of the games then consider buying a laptop with a GTX 1660 Ti or an RTX 2060. These laptops would be able to support any games in the recent future.

That goes for online casino games as well. These games are online but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a gaming laptop to enjoy them fully. They aren’t as demanding as classic video games but their graphics require a decent GPU so players can enjoy them. Players with such a GPU can enjoy the classic casino games or go for the big money win with jackpot games.

If you’re looking for the best in performance when it comes to all kinds of games then you’d need to get a pricy laptop. Buying a laptop with an RTX 2070 or 2080 will enable you to play through games with the highest settings. With a GPU like that, you’ll be able to enjoy every detail of the game.


What About the CPU?

Do you need a good CPU to go with your GPU? Well, yes and no. The better your CPU is the better performance you’ll have on your laptop. However, most of the games usually depend on a high-performing GPU so when looking for a gaming laptop you will find that those with an i5 CPU will give you a good performance in general. On the other hand, you could with a high-performance CPU and have a really powerful gaming laptop.

How Much RAM Should You Be Looking For?

Having a decent amount of RAM is also important when it comes to a gaming laptop. 8GB is the minimum for most games that came out recently so if you’re on a budget you can do with that amount of RAM. If you’re looking for better performance then you should look for a laptop that has 16GB as those laptops will provide you with what you need for a smooth gaming experience.

And Finally, the Storage

As years have gone by, games have become better and bigger. You don’t only need a good GPU to play them, you also need a certain amount of space on your laptop to play them. Gaming laptops usually come with 1TB of HDD space. That more than enough space you’ll need for your games. However, if you want to have a pretty big selection of games on your laptop then you should consider buying an SSD. Big storage, a great GPU, a fairly decent CPU and 8 or 16 GB of RAM are the features you need for a proper gaming laptop. Couple that with a big display and you’ll have everything you need.

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