Nobody would want to deny the fact that the feeling of going around the city with a skateboard is cool. If you are thinking of buying one for use, you will never regret it. But how to have a suitable skateboard when you’re only at amateur level? Honestly, choosing a suitable skateboard for beginner is not too difficult. To help you find a satisfactory vehicle, follow the criteria below:

Right shop

It’s hard to choose a good one between them, huh?

Well, of course, you have to go to a shop that sells skateboard tools. There are currently many notable stores for this. The critical point when buying the right professional store is that you always find precisely the specific things you need, not reluctantly accepting some alternatives.

A quality skateboard will bring you perfection in the experience. If you understand the importance of shopping at a professional store, you will go a long way with your skateboard. Instead of ordering them online at online shops, step out the door and go to a brick-and-mortar store to pick them yourself.


So many choices for you

Now, let’s turn to some significant organs of a skateboard. Well, my personal feeling is the most recognizable part of a skateboard. It has a bit of flat wood that you will stand up to go around in your area. At first glance, you can see all of them are the same. But you are wrong. You will notice a series of bewilderment when you start to tiptoe on your skateboard.

The width of the skate deck is quite diverse. Usually, any professional store will provide a full range of sizes. From 7.5 inches to 9.5 inches. So, is there any difference between the widths of skis beyond its literal meaning? Yes, a lighter and narrower board will help you move faster and easier. It allows you to flip tables quickly. On the other hand, a more enormous deck gives you more stability.

Therefore, choosing it depends on your intended use. Let me give you some examples. For those who wish to skate on the street with skillful turns, indeed a smaller, lighter volume and a narrower board are for you. However, it will make you awkward. Because you are an amateur player, if you want to challenge something, choose it. And, on the other hand, when you want to select a vehicle and stability, a thick and full board is the ideal choice.

Another equally important factor when you consider buying a suitable skateboard is concave. With this element, you can flatter and steeper boards. Individual companies tend to have very flat boards. Most users like it. Besides, some other brands have more in-depth boards. If you have a steeper recess, the middle of the foot may rise from the middle of the board. It’s okay if you’re used to it.


Soft ones or hard ones?

After the deck, the wheels are the next most crucial clear part of the skateboard. It is not difficult to realize that they are scroll bits, allowing you to move across the board. However, there is a panic available on the market, so which wheel should you choose?

Let’s start with its size. Initially, the wheel’s size range seemed a bit overwhelming, but it wasn’t too difficult to turn around, even if you bought your first skateboard. Usually, the wheel starts at 50mm. That’s a pretty small number. However, there are also a few types of up to 65mm, a significant amount. Small wheels can make your skateboard much lighter, so smaller wheels are suitable for professional skateboarding, including manuals and flippers. You may find that more skaters will have a smaller professional wheel. Bigger wheels are more ideal to cruise around.

An equally important factor in wheels is hardness. All wheels are on a scale, with 101 being the hardest available widely. And anything around 78 is the softest. The lower the number, the smoother the wheel. So what does this difference lead to?

The most popular skateboard wheels are hard ones – and they are the type you’ll see most skaters, whether it’s in your area and skateparks, or on videos on the internet.

The reason that people prefer hard wheels is that they can perform inevitable skillful slips. When you show your skills, you may want your board to slide around a bit so, if the harder wheels will help you make the flip better.


It is so important for your skateboard

The truck is one of the essential parts of your skateboard. They are the bridge between the wheel and the deck. Historically there are some extraordinary truck designs. However, the most popular model today is the reverse T-pattern. There are many trucks of skateboards on the market, how to choose an ideal one?

I like to remind you that your truck width will be decided directly by your board width. The rule to determine is the thumb. Different brands and truck models may have numbers in their names. However, a professional store, even their website, will always tell you the specific width of the trucks you need as well as its relevance to your board. If you shop and feel unsure of your decision, ask the sellers.

Height, of course, is also significant. It relates to the wheel size on your board. You need to have enough space between your deck and the wheels to ensure the travel, especially turns. They make sure your board doesn’t rub against the road surface. When this happens, the board acts as a brake for the wheel, blocking your momentum and possibly throwing you away.

The height of the truck is measured from the base plate (a rectangular piece of metal that your deck screws on) to the center of the shaft (where the wheel enters). Once again, a professional store will be able to advise on the correct height truck for you to visualize and decide.

When you have decided on the width and height of the truck, you need to choose a brand and color you like, and your skateboard will form.

Getting the truck’s tightness is an integral part of setting up your skateboard. However, it also entirely depends on the driver’s personal preference. You can leave your truck very loose, or tighten the bolt located in the middle of the upper wheel can make the board very hard indeed.

The tightness is for you to make proper turns. A looser truck will wobble, but you get more feedback from it. Loser responds faster and easier to use your body weight to rotate tables. Tight gives you more stability. You need it because you are at an amateur level. It’s only really although walking around on our deck, and tightness testing will tell you how tight your car is. The good news is, you can continue to adjust the heart content until you find the perfect balance that suits you.

To draw a conclusion

I introduced you to ways to select essential parts for a skateboard. I emphasize here are the most critical components. As for other elements like bearings or grip tape, you can get references from website. I hope this article helps you choose the right parts for your skateboard. If you have any comments, please let us know by commenting under right this article. Good luck.


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