If you are in the market for a new mobile phone then you might have done some research on your own. The first thing that you might have noticed is that the market is flooded with smartphones. Just state the price and features and you will find a smartphone that fits your requirements.

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The issue with choosing a good smartphone is that no matter which smartphone you pick, you will always have a better model available in a few months. This might seem a bit disappointing for many people that the latest device they just bought a few months ago is no longer the latest device anymore. Well, this is a common occurrence in the smartphone market. You can never have the latest device even after 6 months unless you purchase a new one every 6 months.

But what if you need to buy a new smartphone that fulfills all or almost all your needs and also fits in your budget? For that purpose, you need to pay attention to some aspects of the smartphone market and features that might help you to buy a smartphone that suits you the best.

Below are some common aspects that you should always consider before buying a new smartphone in 2020 –

Pricing –

Pricing is one of the most important things that you need to consider before buying a new smartphone. You should first decide a budget for your smartphone and then proceed accordingly as you can get all the features that you can hope for in a smartphone but the price of the smartphone will be varying accordingly and choosing the smartphone with all the features that you want and that also fits in your budget is what you should go for.

Also, you should not have very high expectations regarding the features that you get for a particular price point. Some manufacturers tend to provide more features for a cheaper price while some manufacturers charge a huge amount of money just in the name of their brand premium. You should select the smartphone by doing some research on your own taking into consideration all the smartphone manufacturers and the specifications they provide.

Camera –

The camera is yet another aspect of the modern-day smartphone that almost all users care the most about. In a world of social networks taking good selfies is everyone’s desire. Having a good rear as well as a selfie camera is a major requirement for many people. If you are one of those selfie addicts then you should also consider the camera sensors and the picture quality the smartphone offers in the price range you are looking for.

Performance –

Performance is the most important aspect of the phone maybe even more than its pricing as it determines how usable the phone will be. You wouldn’t want to spend a hefty amount on your new smartphone just to face regular crashes and slow operating speeds. You should always look out for the processor used in the smartphone that you are going to buy as the whole smartphone’s performance depends on it.

The performance of the smartphone is mostly dependent on the processor it uses. If you are a gamer or use resource-heavy apps such as playing free spins casino games on your device then having a good processor is a must as using an inferior processor will slow down your device significantly. Though make sure that you raise your expectations and requirements considering your budget as you can’t expect the latest flagship processor in a smartphone worth 10,000 rupees.

Battery –

The battery is one such requirement that all the users want no matter what they use their smartphone for. You wouldn’t like your smartphone to run out of juice in the middle of a phone call or having to recharge it 2-3 times a day.

The battery capacity is measured in mAh and typically most smartphones nowadays provide 3000-5000 mAh battery capacity that should be enough for normal daily usage.

Though make sure that if you are a power user or travel much then you should go for a smartphone with more battery capacity as you can get 2-3 days battery backup on a single charge if you just use your smartphone for calls and messages.

Storage / RAM –

Storage and RAM capacity are two more such aspects of a modern-day smartphone which defines how much data you can store on your smartphone and how much RAM does it provide to the operating system for proper functioning.

Higher the RAM amount, more the apps you can store in memory which directly means that you can store multiple applications in the memory and switch between them without having to restart the app each and every time.

The storage space defines the amount of space that you get in your device for storing personal files such as images, videos, applications, etc.

If you are someone who likes to click a lot of pictures or just loves to multitask a lot then make sure you select a smartphone with higher storage and RAM amount.

Operating system –

Now, this is one such option that might not affect all the people but in reality, it plays an important role. if you are an iOS lover then iPhone is the way to go, but if you are an android lover then you have a huge list of smartphones that you can choose from.

Many smartphone manufacturers like to customize the android operating system and add their own custom skins on top of stock android.

Some people like the stock Android operating system more while some people love the custom android operating systems such as MIUI by Xiaomi, Color OS by oppo, realme OS by Realme, etc. so also consider what kind of operating system variant you want and select a smartphone accordingly.

Conclusion –

Buying a new smartphone in 2020 is a tough task due to the plethora of smartphones available in the market by different manufacturers. Though the choice is completely yours as all smartphones are made keeping in mind a particular segment of the customer base.

You need to choose a smartphone that accurately fits in your budget and also provides a good balance between all the features and specifications that you need in your next smartphone.

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