Organic Whey Protein Vs Regular Whey Protein

Whey Protein is a well-known supplement when it comes to nutrition and fitness. Whey protein is used along with resistance exercise and there are many health benefits associated with the consumption of Whey. It helps to build muscles mass, tissue repair, weight loss, lowering cholesterol and many other nutritional benefits.

Organic Whey Protein Vs Regular Whey Protein

While choosing a Whey Protein the main Question arises here is, Which protein is best for you? – Organic Whey or Regular Whey? Continue reading to find out what is whey protein and the nutritional values of both Organic Whey and Regular Whey and find out which is better and why.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey is a source of protein which is naturally found in milk. When milk is mixed with a remnant, is a mixture of coagulant enzymes and milk curdles it separates into different constituents. One of the substances is Whey (Currently in Liquid form) about 20% and the other 80% substance is then used to make cheese and casein.

The liquid whey is then pasteurized and later dried to create a powdery substance, packed then sold in stores which we call as Whey Protein. Why is Whey so popular? Well, it’s because of the protein. Whey is made up of amino acids such as Glutamine, Arginine, Lysine, Tyrosine which are called as a building block of protein and whey contains all 9 amino acid which makes it a complete source of protein.

Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey contains Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). The presence of BCAA such as Leucine paired along with resistance training helps you to improve muscle protein synthesis. Most of us use whey as a supplement for building muscle after a great exercise at the Gym.

Other Amino Acids in the Whey forms larger peptides and proteins which offers some more health benefits. Whey also helps you to immune your health system and antioxidant response system and proteins such as Immunoglobulins and Lactoferrin has effects such as anti-cancer and anti-aging. This means old aged men and women can also benefit from whey protein.

Organic Whey Protein Healthier than Regular Whey Protein?

Both the Whey Protein, Organic and Regular has the same source. All Whey comes from Milk and also from a nutritional perspective both the proteins contain the same level of proteins and other substance such as carbohydrates and fats.

So, what’s the major difference?

The main factor which affects is how and where the cow is fed. In most cases, the cows in the farm are put into a feeding area where the diet is manually controlled. These cows are given grain-based foods such as corn or soy. The food is treated with some pesticides and fertilizer during their growth and farming. The cows are also fed with hormones to speed up their growth and helps in the production of milk.

Organic Whey comes from grass-fed cows and these are operated in a totally different way. The cows are fed naturally they are allowed to graze and given access to pasture (Grass grown on the field) throughout its entire growing season. This ensures that a large portion of their diet comes from grass. Their behavior is also not controlled and they are free to move and thus becomes healthier. They are also not treated with hormones or any kind of antibiotics. The grass-fed cows have a greater level of immune-boosting and more bio active compounds.

Is Organic Whey Protein Worth it?

Organic Whey Protein is a certification which is given when it passes certain issued criteria which ensures that the cow is free from any harmful substance which can affect the quality of whey.

All these extra hard works require a lot of time and money and this is why Organic Whey Protein is costlier than Regular Whey Protein and some times the price is almost double. The extra work and effort are then passed to the customer in the form of extra charge.

Conventional farming is also not so bad. The diet is somewhat same and they are also allowed to graze occasionally (In some weather). So, is it worth spending on an Organic Whey Protein?

Though Regular Whey proteins are also treated in the same way as grass-fed cows. Organic whey from grass-fed cows contains more Beta-Lactoglobulin and immune booster. They also contain Cysteine which helps in your antioxidant’s response. More Lactoferrin which helps slow down cancer and More Lysozyme which acts as a natural bacteria killer. So Yes! Is it worth spending money on an Organic Whey Protein?

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