Almost everywhere you turn to these days, you can easily sight manhole covers around. Despite its popularity, very few really have an interest in setting up one. A manhole cover prevents people or things from falling into a manhole. They are also used in the construction of a drainage system. Manhole covers come in different types and sizes, depending on the purpose they serve.

The types of manhole cover available include cast iron, plastic, galvanised steel, and other composite products. They can be fitted onto a chamber inspection. Through this maintenance-workers can inspect underground drain pipes and telecom lines. They are also used to measure the flow of water or other liquids in pipes.

Manhole Weight Class:

  1. A15 (1.5-tonne loading) – This type of weight class is ideal for pedestrian driveways, gardens, patios, pedestrian footpaths, and to cover an inspection chamber. Generally, they are manufactured from galvanised steel or plastic.
  2. B125 (12.5-tonne loading) – This manhole weight class is suitable for vehicle driveways and areas that are plied by slow-moving cars and vans. They are usually made of galvanised steel, cast iron or ductile iron, or composite materials. Their prices are dependent on their sizes.
  3. D400 (40-tonne loading) – This is a heavy-duty weight class. It is ideal for areas with heavy traffic which include highways, carriageways, and public car parks.
  4. E600 (60-tonne loading) – Also a heavy-duty manhole weight class, it is ideal for heavy-duty areas such as loading bays, warehouse applications, and industrial estates. They are sold at high prices.
  5. F900 (90-tonne loading) – This extreme-duty weight class manhole is used mainly in docks and airports, and are very expensive.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Manhole Cover:

Manhole covers become weak over the years due to constant usage and exposure to various elements. Manholes that are made of plastic or steel easily break over time. This leads to an overflow of water during when the drainage pipes are full, odour leakage, and pose great risks to pedestrians and vehicles. There are factors to consider when buying a manhole cover.

  1. You Need To Consider The Size:

All manhole cover manufacturers measure their manhole covers using similar techniques. These covers are grouped based on their clear opening size – the ground opening size that they are meant to conceal.

  1. The Manhole Cover Loading Capacity:

The manhole cover that you will fix on to the ground needs to meet the purpose and weight class of that area.

  1. What Material Of Manhole Cover Will You Use?

At this point, you are the one to decide the type of manhole cover material you will use. Although it is commonplace to see ductile iron manhole covers being used, technology has provided unlimited capabilities. It is easy to install galvanised steel manhole as they are lightweight. However, these manhole covers can be rated up to 17 tonnes, which makes them versatile. On the other hand, plastic and cast iron manhole covers are ideal for tarmacked driveways due to their dark-coloured features.

These are few amongst many factors you need to consider before purchasing and installing manhole covers. With manhole covers, you are not just able to conceal entrances of drains and chambers within your surroundings, you also protect pedestrians (yourself inclusive), and vehicles from falling into man-made holes. If you wish to know more about how to purchase these manhole covers, you can check it out here

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