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Voltas is a veteran in the air conditioner market and with the experience that it brings to table and the whole room, it has become one of the most preferred brands when it comes to air conditioners. Compared to LG or O’General or Hitachi, Voltas offers affordability. Unlike the previous models, which were equipped with an aluminum condenser, this piece has copper condenser which obviously performs a lot better. Moreover, many questions were raised priorly about Voltas’s claims for being energy efficient, but in that segment too, Voltas has improved quite a lot. One can personally feel the difference in the electricity bill with this air conditioner.

Though Voltas could have done better with the design, it gives you a fairly typical yet decent look. It’s not worth going for any other brand just for the looks. At the end of the day, what matters is performance and that is where this one beats the others in the same range out of the water.


  • Copper condenser
  • Takes 1450 Watts and 230 Volts
  • Remote Control
  • Comes with 1 indoor unit, one outdoor unit
  • 5-ton capacity

What we like

  • This is one of the best ACs available in your budget, with its price at around ₹30,000, which is relatively low for a split AC.
  • Given its durability, it will for more years than most other ACs in this range.
  • Though the efficiency is less than excellent, it is noise-free. With noise levels of around 45Db, you can hardly hear it.
  • Several filters to protect against pathogens, dust, smoke, and pollen.
  • The cooling is quite effective. With its turbo mode on, it can cool the room almost instantly.
  • It comes with an LCD dual display, with a button remote that glows in the dark.

What We don’t like

  • Less energy efficient
  • Customer support not really good
  • Installation charge is at the seller’s disposal

Final Words

This is a 3-star AC, which means that this is not the best performing product by Voltas. You can always go for a 4-star or-5 star AC depending upon our budget and if you have to operate the AC for more than, say, 8-10 hours, you will certainly notice the difference with the star-rating. However, you don’t have to be carried away for higher stars since Voltas gives you the same premium features throughout. Overall, this is a good bargain and best-in-class if we go by some aspects of performance at high temperature and energy saving. Furthermore, the 5 years of warranty is the cherry on the pie and shows Voltas’ confidence in this product.

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