Reebok has an excellent range of running shoes over the past couple of years. In fact, the running shoes such as the Floatride Run Fast and Floatride Run Fast Pro was one of the Reebok’s best-selling shoe. We tried The Reebok shoes a couple of years ago but they were quite expensive and were priced at 12000 Rs but now they have come up with a very affordable option and features Reebok’s float ride technology. The new affordable shoe from the company is the Reebok Forever Floatride Energy. It costs much less and provides the same kind of benefits but with a thicker and more helpful upper.

Reebok’s new shoe will help you achieve your daily running goals to the next level. With the Floatride technology, it gives the brilliant performance and also maximizes energy return with every step.  Let’s find out more about the shoe in our detailed review and see if it’s the perfect running shoe for you or not.

Size, color, and material used.

The material used here is synthetic and it has an outer air mesh specially designed for this. It has a lace up design, the laces are flat and look very nice. This shoe is available in a lot of different sizes and colors to choose from. You can get yourself a pair of size ranging from UK 6 to UK 11. But keep in mind that this shoe runs a size large so if you usually buy UK 9 Size for yourself then get UK 8 here. The color available is Blue and Black. I had the black one and I liked it.

How the shoes feel once worn.

The bottom of the float ride provides a lot of cushion support which is great for workouts. The name Energy has a purpose, It feels very light and will give you an extra level of boost and energy. When you take each step on the ground you will feel it’s soft float ride foam which lets you keep running for a longer time and also reduces tiredness from your leg. It gives you confidence with each step.

I am using this shoe from a week now and I can say that it totally amazed me. The bottom has a lot of rubber that I can run on a wet road without worrying about getting slipped. There is not so much stretch available but there’s definitely enough room for your toe spread.  I have the leg size between 10 and 11 but the Size 10 fits perfectly for me. It gives a snugged feel to my foot giving me a secure and comfortable fit.

Each shoe weighs around 150 Grams and I have done most of the things like a morning run to a 5 to 6 KMs marathon run. My legs were fine, no such tiredness or anything. On the toe, it has a nice stretch or what you call a spring which is great for running and from over a week I had over 30 to 40 Kilometers with this shoe and the bottom is completely fine.

Maintainability and ruggedness of the shoes.

The upper has a simple engineered mesh which provides great ventilation, thin tongue with enough padding to protect the back of your leg. It gives more breathability to my foot which is very necessary in case of a running shoe. Flat lacing on top and gently padded heel collar.

The midsole is a one piece of float ride foam. It is completely different from the foam on the Normal Floatride or on the  Floatride Fast Run and Pro. To make it affordable they might have to make some cuts. But who cares? and Who said budget shoes can’t be best?.

The bottom sole is made from a single piece of rubber and provides a lot of traction. You get full coverage of the rubber which is great.

Now here are some tips to properly maintain the shoe and increase its usability. Allow your pair of shoes to breathe in Air on a regular basis. It will deodorize it naturally and helps maintain its original shape. You can also use a shoe bag to prevent any stain or dust from sticking to its surface. Lastly, before using it give it a shine by rubbing it with a clean cloth and make sure you do not use any polish or shiner.

Best usage for the shoes, and let’s compare the shoes with others in its class.

According to me the best usage for this shoe will be casual everyday running.  This shoe can be easily picked by someone who is looking for a running shoe for its track running to a long run at an affordable price tag.

The float ride foam here for the midsole really feels very similar to the epic react foam which comes from NIKE so if you liked that one then you will definitely like this one too.  The only difference between the Reebok Floatride and NIKE epic react is the amount of rubber for the sole. The Reebok one has a good amount of rubber to provide friction for running and durability.

The NIKE Epic React had some problem which you will find solved if you get the Reebok Float Ride. The upper of the NIKE React was too tight for some but on the Rebook side, it has been taken care with the engineered mesh.  Another issue was there not a lot of rubber for the sole but as said before with the Reebok Float Ride you are not going to have those issues, it is more on the traction and durability side. The NIKE Epic React is also a great running shoe but the best part about Rebook is it comes with a 4000 Rs less price tag.


This is one of my favorite shoes this year which I can give 5 stars. For daily running it’s great, it’s around 9999 Rs and feels just as good there were not a lot of reasons I found to dislike this shoe. With the great combination of cushioning and flexibility the Reebok, Forever Floatride Energy is an excellent choice at a very affordable price.

To be honest I was totally surprised by this shoe and I definitely recommend it for everyday use as a morning run or sport.  You can get these shoes from stores like Reebok, Amazon, Flipkart and I would also recommend you to get the Reebok Floatride Fast run, that one is also great and these can be a great duo.

Now make your every step count with these flexible, comfortable and most importantly great looking running shoes from Reebok.

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