Difference between inverter ac and non-inverter ac

Air Conditioners has been around for ages and with the improvement in technology, we have seen a lot of different kinds of Air Conditioners with all kinds of features, Specifications, and Design. One of the most common debate when it comes to buying a new Air Conditioner is whether you should choose a Window AC or a Split AC and when you decide to choose the Split AC then you have to choose between two types: Inverter AC and the Non-Inverter AC and the debate again continues.

As Best inverter Air Conditioner comes with new technology it has a lot of advantages over the Non-Inverter AC and in today’s article, we are going to learn more about inverter ACs and check out some of its advantages over the other one and finally let you decide which one you should choose.

What is Inverter AC & How does it work?

The inverter AC uses a variable speed compressor while a regular AC uses a compressor that can be either on or off and runs at only one speed which is it’s the highest capacity and uses full electricity. When a regular ac works, it works on its full capacity to cool the room and then turns off and when the temperature of the room reaches a threshold then the compressor turns back on and starts cooling the room again.

Difference between inverter ac and non-inverter ac

The inverter Ac is exactly the opposite, the compressor on this one can run on variable speed by using less or more electricity as per required and it never turns off the compressor. It cools the room constantly by maintaining the speed of the motor and the temperature in the room stays the same.

As the compressor is able to run at various speeds it can save a lot of energy and reduce your monthly bill by a great margin. On average an inverter AC is designed to save around 30 to 50% energy when compared to a normal air conditioner. It also adjusts the tonnage of the AC as per the room size which you can’t find in a normal air conditioner.

Advantages of Inverter Air Conditioner.

There are a lot of advantages of an Inverter Air Conditioner let’s check out some of them so you can get a clear idea of what to choose and which one will suit your needs the most.

Energy Efficient

The inverter air conditioner is very energy efficient, as the compressor never turns off during its operation because of this it doesn’t waste energy on starting the compressor were’ as a non-inverter ac pulls a lot of power every time it starts a compressor. The starting time of an inverter ac is also around 30% less than a non-inverter ac. You can say an inverter Air Conditioner will save you around 35% money on your electricity bill.

Faster Cooling

The inverter ac can deliver most cooling or heating in a short amount of time. The speed of the compressor is automatically adjusted to make your room comfortable within minutes so you don’t have to wait for long as compared to a normal air conditioner. Other than faster cooling it also increases the overall lifespan of the air conditioner.


A regular air conditioner makes a lot of noise each time the compressor starts or turns off whereas on an inverter ac compressor only starts once and doesn’t turn off so throughout its operation it only makes the sound once and doesn’t disturb you after that. When the air conditioner is running it doesn’t make any kind of noise letting you sleep easily at the noise.


This is another major advantage of buying an Inverter AC. In the case of voltage fluctuations, you don’t have to worry about your AC getting damaged. There is no voltage peak or fluctuations as the compressor is made to adjust its speed whenever required. On the other hand, a non-inverter ac will face several voltage fluctuations and not recommended to use without stabilizer whereas you can use the inverter ac without adding an extra stabilizer.


When it comes to achieving the desired temperature, an inverter ac is far more efficient and faster than a non-inverter ac. It also maintains a constant temperature in your room with the help of the variable speed compressor technology. On a regular air conditioner, the compressor works at maximum capacity to reach the desired temperature and then the compressor stops working, once it reaches the minimum threshold the compressor starts again which means the temperature in the room fluctuates.

If you set the temperature to 22 Degree Celsius then it will fluctuate to let’s say 20 Degrees multiple times. On an inverter ac, the compressor doesn’t stop working but lower its speed to maintain a constant temperature in the room. If you set the temperature to 22 Degrees Celsius then it will stay 22 Degrees entire time.


The durability of an Air Conditioner with an inverter compressor is also longer than that of the non-inverter air conditioner. You can expect the air conditioner to last much longer and have a greater life span. It also doesn’t have any impact from voltage fluctuations which adds up to the durability.

Final Talk on What is Inverter AC

We have talked a lot about the advantages of the inverter air conditioner but it shouldn’t hide the fact that there are few disadvantages as well. The inverter ac is much more expensive and the price is around 20 to 30% more so you have to pay more initially to buy one. The maintenance of this type of ac is also very expensive and the refrigerant gas also costs more. In case of any damage to your air conditioner, the repairing and parts replacement also might cost you a lot. So, Before making any Purchases we recommended you to through best ac in India Product review & buying guide

Overall the inverter AC costs more than a non-inverter AC but it doesn’t mean you should not choose it just over few disadvantages. It can save you a lot of money in the long run by saving a ton of electricity

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