TUDOR Watches is Rolex’s only sister brand, and it provides the same iconic Rolex aesthetics and design at a lower price point. They are known for their high-end wristwatches with third-party movements, but they now also sell TUDOR in-house movements. The bulk of the brand’s movements are made by other Swiss companies such as ETA, Valjoux, and Breitling. TUDOR was seen as a cost-effective option that relied solely on third-party movements. The company, on the other hand, has largely exceeded this reputation in recent years and has gained critical acclaim for its timepieces. Tudor timepieces have everything that fans of those watches are looking for: heritage, quality, a great movement, and a distinct appearance.

Black Bay

The Tudor Black Bay is one of the most famous dive watches on the market today, thanks to its great vintage looks, pedigree, and excellent finishing. However, until now, it was only available with a red and blue bezel. Both are awesome, but a black bezel appears to be the obvious place to start, as it is the more commonly accepted style. The company has finally listened to its fans and launched this new Black Bay Black. To claim that the Black Bay has been a success with the dive watch community is an understatement.

The Black Bay is almost certainly the most common model in the company’s entire lineup. It’s only normal that they would release different versions of it to reach as many people as possible. Today, the Black Bay Black has its third incarnation. The Tudor Black Bay Black is sure to pique the interest of many a vintage dive watch enthusiast, and for good reason.

Fastrider Black Shield

The Fastrider Black Shield is a watch that belongs in the present. Even when vintage watches are popular, brands like Tudor need to have a good portfolio of contemporary models. This is not only because not all watch enthusiasts prefer antique designs, but also that the business must continue to reinvent, both horologically and stylistically. The Black Shield may not be, especially innovative in terms of design, but it does distinguish itself from other chronographs such as the Chrono Blue and the daily Fastrider. The most striking feature of a Black Shield, however, is undoubtedly its case.

Ceramic cases have a major advantage over steel cases for watch enthusiasts because they are much tougher. They are much more scratch-resistant, particularly when compared to their most direct analog, steel watches with a black coating. While black coatings can be rendered extremely tough, they are not invincible, and with enough force, the black coating can be scratched away, exposing the shiny steel underneath. The Black Shield is not only a stylish sports watch, but it is also a surprisingly durable and hardened case.

Heritage Ranger

The Heritage series is the brand’s biggest asset. The Heritage Chronograph, the Black Bay, and the Heritage Ranger are the new catchy number one, are all members of this vintage-inspired family. The Ranger appears to be a simple watch with a black dial, three hands, and a steel case. “Simple is harder than complex,” as designers and creatives can attest, as the late Steve Jobs can vouch for the fact. The new Heritage Ranger is based on the original Tudor Ranger, which was manufactured in different forms from the 1960s to the 1980s, with the 1967 model sharing the most similarities.

The Heritage Ranger pays tribute to the original Ranger’s intent and aesthetic, which was to create a simple, durable timepiece that could handle any adventure life could throw at it while maintaining an understated, vintage aesthetic. It is a watch that refers to the past while still being unmistakably contemporary. It is dependable and ubiquitous, and you could at least double the price if this watch had an in-house movement, and this watch, the crown is interesting.

The straps are the most talked-about feature of the whole Heritage collection because Tudor has recognized that watch enthusiasts value the ability to change straps and have choices. Depending on the strap, the Ranger is a remarkably chameleonic watch. The company’s decision to deliver four different straps may seem insignificant, but it demonstrates that they understand what their customers want, and the variety only adds to the Ranger’s versatility.


The Tudor Pelagos is the company’s most expensive diver, with the highest depth ranking, the best materials, and, in the latest version we are looking at today, Tudor’s first in-house movement, the MT5612. When you combine those features with the beautiful new matte blue look, you’ve got yourself a fascinating model. The Pelagos is more durable, as it is slightly heavier, uses more advanced materials, such as ceramic and titanium, and has a much higher depth level, with its helium escape valve.

Today, the distinction is defined not only in terms of toughness and style but also in movements. The Pelagos, along with the North Flag, is one of two recent Tudor watches to feature the company’s first in-house movement. The Pelagos is based on a later Tudor Submariner, specifically the 7021 from the late 1960s. This Submariner is the first to have a date, but it is perhaps more notable as the first Snowflake hands, which feature several right angles, as well as the square hour markers. Both the first and second generations have survived on the Pelagos.

The Pelagos is rated for 500 meters, which is 300 meters more than the more accessible Black Bay. At 9:00, an automatic helium escape valve was elegantly introduced to make this possible. The Pelagos is the first and only Tudor ship to be fitted with a helium escape valve. The North Flag and the 2nd generation Pelagos were the two watches selected to debut Tudor’s first and only in-house movement. The North Flag and the Pelagos have the same movement, with the North Flag having the MT5621 and the Pelagos having the MT5612.


Tudor is a premium Swiss watchmaking brand with a vibrant watchmaking heritage that offers a distinct retro-chic style, high-quality mechanics, and finishing at affordable prices.

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