We Indians are known for the spicy and aromatic food that we prepare in our kitchens. While this food is a delight for the sense, it also creates a lot of fumes, smokes and odors that may irritate your senses when exposed to them for a long time. Moreover, these adversities also hinder your process of preparing nutritious and delectable Indian and multi-national cuisines, as per your likings.

If you too get irritated with the foul odor or stinging smell in your kitchen, chimneys are a solution for your plight. An invention of conventional times honed and fabricated to meet the current time’s needs, a chimney is a must-have kitchen appliance. Thanks to the modern science, chimneys are compact and efficient than ever. In this post, we will learn more about chimneys and we will review the best kitchen chimney brand in India for you to choose the best one without any hassle.

Why do you need a Kitchen Chimney?

Before you learn about the best brand, it is important to find out the need of Kitchen chimney in an Indian Household. A chimney is a device that sucks away all the odor and fumes from your kitchen and throws it out in the open. The food that delights your taste buds often leaves stains, grime and slimy appearances over different surfaces of the kitchen. This is because the fumes of cooking aren’t expressly cleaned and stay back to sit and react with the kitchen surfaces and make your kitchen dull, old, stinky and dirty. Moreover, it also makes it complicated for the fond cooks to prepare scrumptious dishes as they fear the odor burning their eyes or making them sneeze back on back.

All these problems can be easily sorted out when you have a chimney duly installed in your modular kitchens. The best chimney brand in India offers high quality and advanced chimneys that you can choose for your kitchen.

How does Kitchen Chimney work?

As amazing as they look visually, they function equally well. Kitchen chimneys from the best brand are made efficient to suck all the fumes emitted in the kitchen during or after cooking food. It is made in such a way that the fumes are extracted out of the house as and when it starts coming out of the food. This way you can prevent slimy kitchen cabinets, darkened walls and stains on different surfaces of the house.

Benefits that you can enjoy with the best kitchen chimneys in India:

Modular chimneys are similar to the built-in chimneys we can see in conventional houses. The only difference is that they are more efficient as they run on power. Moreover, with living spaces shrinking with each day, sparing a good enough space for chimney construction is subject to another world’s expectations. Thanks to the best compact kitchen chimneys in India, you can now enjoy the benefits of a chimney easily.

Some of the benefits that you can enjoy with modular chimneys include:

  • Compact, space saving option:

The first thing is that these chimneys are compact and allow you to ensure the best utilization of space. You can fit it in your modular kitchen setup easily and enjoy fumeless cooking.

  • No grime or stains:

Often, our kitchen loses their grace because of the grime collecting on different surfaces. Also, many times, fumes also leave marks on the walls making them look dull and shabby. But when you install a chimney, you get rid of all types of fumes and hence can enjoy a grime-free kitchen.

  • No odor:

We have adopted open kitchen formats which also looks visually appealing. But, once you cook your favorite food, the odor spreads in the entire household making it unpleasant to bear. Thanks to the best brand chimney, the odor is now blown out of the house instantly.

Different types of Kitchen Chimneys:

If you are looking forward to buying a chimney, you must know the different types that are available in the market:

Ducting chimney: These are also known as extracting chimneys. The chimney sucks all the air and passes it through a layer of filters and meshes. All the grime is collected in these filters and clean air is released into the environment. The ducts that release the air in the environment is known as PVC outlets.

Ductless Chimney: Ductless chimney or reducing chimney operate on a motor that is used to run the fan. All the fumes are absorbed and passed through a series of charcoal filters which further retain the heat, smoke and odor. The clean air is then released in the kitchen only.

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand In India:

  • Hindware:
Hindware Kitchen Chimeny.

Hindware 60 cm 1100 m3/h Chimney – Just 7999₹

Hindware is one of the reputed brands when it comes to kitchen appliances and automated chimneys are one of their finest products. They manufacture chimneys that have baffled features, a must have for Indian kitchens. There are different types of chimneys that come from the house of Hindware. The latest launches of Hindware are equipped with double auto cleaning feature, which increases the efficiency.

  • Faber:

An international brand, Faber manufactures best kitchen equipment. It uses 3D Y2S2 technology in its chimneys which allows the appliance to perform 3-way suction. The advanced product range of Faber chimneys have speed control and push-button power control.

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India, Faber

Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney – Just ₹8,490.00

  • Elica:

If you are looking for something visually premium, you must consider Elica brand chimneys. Their advanced technology-driven chimneys are coated with glass and stainless steel body that accentuates their aesthetics to the next level. Elica chimneys are known for the high suction speed that they offer. These chimneys can suck at the rate of 1100 cubic meters per hour.

Best Kitchen Chimney brand in India Elica

Elica Pyramid BF Chimney – Just ₹5,799

  • Glen:

Glen kitchen chimneys are not only efficient but they come at a very affordable price. Glen has launched additional filter equipped chimneys at a very budget friendly range for Indian households. They manufacture both carbon filter as well as baffle filter chimneys.

Glen Gl 6052 Kitchen Chimney Stainless Steel – Just ₹11,990

  • Bosch:

A reputed international name, Bosch is an evident part of an Indian household. It is one of the best kitchen chimney brands to choose for Indian kitchens as their products are highly efficient. They come equipped with high suction power and offer higher air quality in the kitchen as well as the entire house. Most of their products are fitted with baffle filter system.

Bosch M3/Hr 60 Cm Stainless Steel Hood Chimney – Just ₹14,990

These are some of the best kitchen chimney brand in India that you can consider buying. Analyze your needs and buy the best suitable chimney.

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