Air conditioners are often considered to be one of the best inventions in the home appliance industry. Considering the convenience and relieve they provide during the hot seasons, air conditioners have become a part of many households in all major countries.

In the last few years technology has helped the industry to upgrade many household appliances to the next level and fortunately, it’s are counted among them. Today there are various types of air conditioners available throughout the world ranging from tower to window to split ac. Each of these variations has something different to offer its users. However, if you are more concerned about the technical aspects of air conditioners, you’ll have to dig down deep into this topic to know the Difference between copper and aluminium ac

When it comes to buying an AC, the most important thing is to decide whether you prefer aluminum coil or the copper coil to be used within the equipment. As mentioned earlier, both have something different to offer its users, so it usually depends upon the taste of the customer. Here’s a quick rundown which will help you to decide the type of coil you’ll prefer for the air conditioner and Understand Difference between copper and aluminium air conditioner completely

Aluminum Coil AC:

Aluminum is usually known to be the standard material to be used in the AC coil. Although it’s essentially not the best choice if you’re only considering the technical features, there are still some areas where the benefits of aluminum coil outweigh the technical disadvantages.

Advantages of aluminum coil:

Cost effective: Aluminum is often considered as the favorite choice for air conditioner manufacturers. Since aluminum is a cheaper material, it leads to the overall price reduction of AC. Price per unit matters a lot for an average customer, and therefore they usually give more preference to the aluminum coil.

Pliability: Aluminum is a metal which is very easy to bend into different shapes and sizes. Due to this fact, three times less material is required for the manufacturing of aluminum coil. This fact makes the overall manufacturing process of aluminum coil easy, fast and cost friendly.

Disadvantages of aluminum coil:

Corrosion: Corrosion is a significant factor behind shortening the life of an air conditioner. It is known for damaging the coil that maintains the heat transfer process. Additionally, corrosion is also known for creating leakages. Since it is so important to protect the coil from destroying, it’s equally challenging to protect the aluminum coil from this. Aluminum coils are less durable and are more prone to such problems.

Heat transfer: Aluminum is not a very good conductor of heat and cold. This directly affects the cooling capacity of an air conditioner.

Strength and reliability: Aluminum is a light metal which is easy to bend into different shapes and sizes. Therefore, once the aluminum coil is damaged, it becomes nearly impossible to repair it. In such cases, the convenient thing is to buy a new aluminum coil which increases the overall cost of the AC.

Ease of maintenance: Maintenance is an essential part of ensuring the longevity of an air conditioner. However, it is complicated to maintain an aluminum coil because it is not as strong as copper and requires placement in a heavy-duty cabinet to protect from damages.

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Copper coil:

The copper coil is instead an expensive option among both, and therefore the people are usually hesitant to buy an ac which has copper coil installed in it. However, there are some who look beyond the price and focus more on the quality it offers.

Advantages of Copper Coil:

Strength and reliability: As mentioned earlier, copper is a sturdy and reliable metal which results in protecting the air conditioner coil against all types of damages. Unlike aluminum, it easily survives in harsh weather conditions.

Heat transfer: Copper is a better conductor of heat and cold which helps in providing a better cooling capacity.

Corrosion: For copper, corrosion can easily be maintained by cleaning the coil from time to time. Unlike aluminum, it can also be easily repaired on the field. These entire factors make a copper coil an ideal choice for those who are concerned about corrosion.

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Disadvantages of Copper Coil:

Expensive: Copper is a precious metal and having a copper coil installed within your AC will increase its overall price.

Pliability: It is tough to bend copper into different shape and sizes. Due to this reason, the manufacturing process usually requires three times more copper.

Final thoughts

As you can see, both metals are packed with their pros and cons, but at the end of the day it all boils down to the buyer who weighs these aspects by considering his personal preferences. Difference between copper and aluminium ac isn’t much matter if you are buying the AC 1st time. Also, We suggest going for Copper Coil AC if you’ve enough Budget.


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