How to Root Android Phone?

There has been a lot of debate about the iPhone versus Android but we know that Android always prevails and this is because of the flexibility which Android provides to the user. Now, the main part for the user is to know how to take advantage of the flexibility which is provided by the Android Operating System. Thanks to Google, there is a functionality which we can use in order to gain administrative access of the phone.

rooting android

Unfortunately, not all the phones have the root functionality pre-installed in them. We need to follow a certain procedure in order to completely gain access to the device. Don’t worry, if you are concerned about the debate about the flexibility of the Android phones, the Android phones are still better and more flexible even without the root. If you don’t know why you need to root the phone, make sure to search for an appropriate article about the reasons for rooting your phone.

For beginners, in simple words, when you root your phone, you gain elevated permissions in your phone. You will be able to gain access to the data which was essentially not accessible by anyone. Some files which exist on the phone cannot be modified without rooting the phone like the data as well as the system partitions. You will be able to gain access to the whole new world of third-party applications which make great use of you rooting the phone. you will be able to use proxy in order to gain access to some of the device features which might be never accessible without those permissions.

If you love modifying your devices or would want to modify your device, you must root your phone in order to move ahead. This is often the first step to the Android system modification. Most of the times, users want to root the phone in order to modify the device in a way that they can install custom recovery is as well as flash different kinds of ROMs, custom kernels, and a lot more. You will also be able to install different kinds of frameworks which will help you make your phone more versatile as well as powerful. One such example is the Xposed framework. This is one of the safest ways for beginners as well as advanced users to modify their phone.

Keep in mind, that rooting the phone is not a child’s play because it can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. If you mistakenly provide root access to an application which you do not know and it turns out to be malicious, it can potentially destroy your phone as well as data or also keep track of you and keep track of your data and keep on fetching real-time information. Technically as well as theoretically, an application can do anything if you provide root access. Therefore, it is important to check whether the application is safe enough.

In some cases, rooting the phone might void the warranty and the device might become unstable if the phone is not properly rooted and this might lead to a brick. There are some methods which might install third-party applications on your phone when you root your device. Make sure that you root your device in a way which is safe and Secure because we do not take responsibility in case you mess things up.

The good thing about rooting your phone as there are some applications which will help you broker your root. Some examples are SuperSU which only give root access to the applications which you choose. There are other applications you can use in order to restore the damage done in case something goes wrong. They are a good amount of applications which use root in order to back up your device and take a snapshot and also store your backup in the cloud.

Now we will state some applications with which you will be able to root almost any Android phone. If Case, Your Phone Got Bricked, Don’t worry much, We’re ready with our List of Best Phone Under 15000

Magisk Root

This application can root most of the Android devices which have patches which are common. There are interfaces which this application uses in order to increase the potential probability of root.


They are a good amount of applications but this is one of the most commonly used and most of the devices can be rooted using this application as well. Make sure to check your device for compatibility and the link which we provided here.


This application is for people who only want root access to the devices and do not want to flash some fancy custom ROM or any other modification. It works on most of the devices including those with Android versions 2.X to 5.0. There are frequent updates release for this application so make sure to check them out in order to see if your phone can be rooted or not.


There are specific ways to route specific mobile phones which are not that simple to root. This is a General form of the rooting article meant for most of the mobile phones. If your phone is not on the list of these applications, you will probably need to follow some other procedure which is specialized for your phone. Make sure to check the website of your vendor in order to see if you are bootloader is unlockable cable and make sure to find the correct zip file to flash after you unlock your bootloader.

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