How to use Jio Sim in 3G phone

We will now mention some of the methods used for bypassing the restrictions placed on some of the phones so that you can easily use the Jio 4G Sim in a 3G phone. We will mention methods which work in Snapdragon as well as MediaTek Smartphone devices.

Make sure that your sim card is activated before you are using this method because it will not work without being activated. They are the good amount of methods which are provided online for activating your jio SIM card in case there are problems activating the card. Make sure to check them out so that you can proceed further.

Method 1

Note that this method only works for MediaTek processors. In order to check whether your phone consists of a MediaTek processor, make sure to download an application in the Play store which displays the information on your phone.

There are a good amount of applications which are available for doing this. All you need to do is search for the term ‘system hardware information’. The preferable version of Android for this method is 4.4 or more. If this method does not work, try to clear the cache of your phone and restart your mobile.

In case you are a total beginner and need some babysitting in order to find the information on your device, follow the steps given below

Download the CPU Z app from the Play Store by clicking here

Now, all you need to do is tap the install button and wait for the application to be downloaded and installed on your phone

Now open this application and wait for it to gather the information using your device

After some seconds, you will be able to check all the device information on your screen by using this application

In case this device is using a MediaTek processor, there will be a logo of this company on your screen

Now, all you need to do is download and install the MTK engineering Mod application in your device

You will be able to run a file which is required for your device from the engineering mode menu of your MTK phone which is the service mode

If you do not know what you are doing, make sure that you don’t do it because it will potentially destroy your phone and your money

Open the application which you have installed or you can also choose to dial the secret code which is used to initiate the engineering mode on your phone

Now select 4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM mode as the network mode

You can now save this information and restart your mobile device

You can also choose to turn this on or off anytime

Now all you need to do is put the Reliance jio 4G sim card inside the phone

Make sure that you install this card in your first slot

ou will now be able to see the jio network

In case, you are not seeing the item which you should be, make sure to wait for at least 10 minute But please do not hope that you will get 4g speed using this network. You will get 3G speed because it is what your mobile phone is designed for but you will still be able to make the jio sim work.

Method 2

There are several things which you will need to follow in order to complete this method. Make sure that you do not miss a single step which is mentioned here because it will not work if you do.

These are the steps which you will need to follow

Download the Xorware as well as Xoreware 2G/3G/4G applications in your phone

Open the application and select network settings

Now switch your network mode to 4G LTE

All you need to do is hit the apply button and this will save your changes and apply it to your device

Now you need to do as restart your mobile phone

Now insert your sim card in the first slot of your phone and switch your device on
You will now be able to see the jio signal in your phone.


Both of these methods will work for your phone. If you have a MediaTek processor then make sure to follow the first method and do not mess a step. If you have a Qualcomm processor in your mobile phone then make sure you follow the second method. The second method works for all the devices which consist of a Qualcomm processor. We hope that you were successfully able to manipulate your device in order to run the jio SIM card. Have a great day.

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