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In the age of constant documentation through cameras and cell phone cameras, it becomes very important to look presentable in the videos that one appears in. The need to look presentable arises from the fact, that the digital world is always active and in motion. This is the direct result of people being on their phones at all times. However, there is no way to work around this as all work is on the Internet these days, and one has to stay glued to their devices at all times.

In the present day, the largest market in the industry is that of content creation. One will find a large number of content creators on every platform – starting from articles to illustrations to videos. Content that is in the form of visual media demands one’s face be seen to be more identifiable and detected easily. Thus, most social media bloggers, influencers, actors, famous personalities, and fashion enthusiasts purchase professional products that make their faces more enhanced before a camera. Of course, there is make-up but what works wonders is a ring light that puts a lot more focus on the facial characteristics.

The Tonor 12” Ring Light is an excellent solution for all video creation and photography sessions. In this article, we will examine why this ring light is significantly better than all other ring lights in the market. This particular product has seen a sharp rise in sales due to the 5-star reviews it has received from all its clients on e-commerce websites. Let us find out more about this ring light and how it makes the process of creating content all the more fun.

What Is A Ring Light?

Ring lights have become an essential part of filmmaking, shooting, video conferencing, and content creation. Lighting in photography is an extremely difficult topic in itself. However, the use of ring lights in recent times makes the process a lot easier, especially when shooting them. Ring lights are originally used in medicine where the light focuses on one body part either during surgery or during a check-up. In the present day, the same has taken over the entertainment world.

A ring light is a circular light, offering adequate brightness for shooting purposes. The device – camera or smartphone-is clamped at the centre of the ring with the light’s mechanism’s help. The ring light either fits around the lens or has a large enough diameter to shoot through the ring of the light.

The objective behind using a ring light is to make use of a light that is evenly distributed on the subject. This leads to a reduction of shadow on the face of the subject and makes it look smoothened out. When it comes to shooting portraits or glamorous shots, ring lights go a long way to help the photographer minimize the effort behind arranging the lights of the set.

The ring light is great for macro photography as well. Focusing light on an object to try and get a good view of food photography, wildlife photography, or product photography becomes very important. Some of these lights come with inbuilt settings to adjust the lights’ color, temperature, and brightness. The more the number of color effects within the ring light, the more is the cinematographer’s options during the shoot.

However, when a person is self-shooting videos or photos for their social media handle or educational video, then the basic settings for a ring light go far. It requires less editing of the background and the subject as the light focusing on the subject makes it look better in its raw form.

Features Of Tonor 12” Ring Light With Tripod

Ring lights are an excellent investment if you wish to stay in the content creation business for the foreseeable future. The ring light helps one accentuate their facial features, adds brightness to the video, and allows the setup to be more professional. Let us take a look at the features of Tonor 12” Ring Light.

  • Adjustable light intensity

The Tonor Ring Light is one device that comes packed with new-age technology of lights and smart systems. There are three distinct modes in the Tonor Ring Light that help shift from natural to warm to cold. However, there are ten brightness levels in total that shifts between each mode comfortably. The temperature of the colour changes from 2700 to 6500K. The ring light intensity is suitable for YouTube videos, make-up videos, photography projects, Tiktok videos, and Zoom conference calls.

  • Dual-Intensity of Light

The LED bulbs within the ring light are plenty in number, which produces a great level of intensity. There are a total of 160 LED lights bulbs that are incorporated to make sure that the brightness is over 30% in the Tonor ring light. The gentle yet bright light makes sure to even out the skin texture and makes the eyes look bright. However, do not be afraid of an eye glare as Tonor ring light gives a soft glow to the eyes. Try the gentle light to balance the brightness in the video as well. You can save up on the makeup kit as the light takes out the flaws from the face.

  • Additional tripod stand

The tripod stand comes with four separate retractable parts that ensure a larger height than normal. One can change the height of the tripod from 16” to 52” in total. The triangular section of the tripod adds stability to the structure while the rubber stoppers prevent it from slipping and falling. Furthermore, the tripod stand that comes with the ring light lets people adjust the ring light base. Get the perfect angle of your face at the first go.

  • The life span worth 20000H

The ring light’s life span is far more than all other ring lights that are available in the market. The Tonor ring light ensures a light board of superior quality and long-lasting LED lights. There is a provision to secure the bulbs from electrostatic shielding. Furthermore, the circuit also protects the device from getting damaged from pulling in too much voltage. With the overvoltage protection and the protection from electrostatic damage, the average life span of a ring light goes up to 20000H.

  • User-friendly and easy to operate

The Tonor 12” Ring Light is super easy to operate which makes it all the more of a reason for its wide usage. Users who purchase the Tonor 12” Ring Light will be able to set it up effortlessly. The tripod stand, along with the ring light, makes it super simple to assemble. Additionally, the connection to the power source is also quite long. The ring light by Tonor comes with a Bluetooth remote that allows you to control your device’s shutter time that is attached to it. Take pictures or record videos on your device with the Bluetooth remote control at the immediate press of a button. You can buy it from Tonor Official site.

Specifications Of The Tonor 12” Ring Light

The Tonor 12” Ring Light is an excellent solution to all one’s video and photography woes. The ring light size of 12 inches makes for the perfect fit such that the diameter of the ring is neither too long nor too short. The height of the tripod is adjustable, making the length somewhere between 410mm and 1350mm. In inches, that translates to 16 inches or 53 inches. The Bluetooth-controlled remote battery is 3V, and the nature of CR2032. The total power used by the ring light to function normally is by using 10W of power. The input is through a USB cable of power 5V-2A.

The total number of LED lights in the panel is 160, contributing to a luminous flux of 500-800lm. The colour rendering index is 80 to 90. Regardless of all the fantastic features, the Tonor 12” Ring Light’s lifespan is well over 20000 hours. The three colour modes offer a lighting index of:

  • Warm light: 2700-3300K
  • Nature light: 4100-4700K
  • Cold light: 5800-6500K

The Bluetooth connection makes it compatible with most platforms on devices – be it iOS or Android. The reviews from the buyers of this product are terrific through and through. People have reported their satisfaction with the light’s sturdy nature, height and tilt adjustment, clamps being tight, and adjustable brightness. Content creators and streamers can make the right use of this ring light, and people who have to be present on Zoom calls frequently can use the same.

To Sum It Up

To conclude the article, it becomes necessary to say that the Tonor 12” Ring Light offers a great service to all camera people and influencers on the Internet. The reviews of this particular product are raging on the internet, making it a necessary device to purchase if you are looking to make strides in the online world. Buy the Tonor 12” Ring light to ensure great photography and videography at a click. You can buy it from Amazon as well.

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