How To Enjoy A Day At The Races

Australians love sporting events and the Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of the ultimate events to attend. It spans over a week starting with Victoria Derby Day on Saturday 30th October and ending with Stakes day on Saturday 6th November. There are a great many things to do over this exciting week and here are just a few ways you can ensure you enjoy your day at the races.

Spending time with friends

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is a great place for friends to get together, have a bet, have some food and generally have a good time. It is much more fun cheering on the races with your mates, especially the Melbourne Cup race. The atmosphere is great during the Melbourne Cup Carnival and every opportunity should be taken to enjoy it with the people who are special to you.

The races themselves

There are so many races throughout the Melbourne Cup Carnival, it may be hard to choose which ones to attend. Number one, of course, is the Melbourne Cup race itself which is on Tuesday 2nd November at 3pm. With prize money of $8,000,000, this is the second richest race in Australia and where the best horses from the year’s racing calendar come to compete for the ultimate prize of the Melbourne Cup. A fun way to make the races that little bit more exciting is to have yourself a bet on the Melbourne Cup or one of the other promising races.

The fashion

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is well known for its fashion aspect. Everyone who attends wants to look their best and what better way to show off your suit or dress than to attend Oaks Day which is also known as Ladies Day on Thursday 4th November. It is a time to dazzle and swoon and attend the annual Myer Fashions on the Field competition. Make sure to purchase a pink rose from one of the many flower sellers near the entrances to the racecourse, as this is the official flower of Oaks Day. Dress up and look your best for this day!

The food

There is a multitude of restaurants to choose from at Flemington Racecourse and therefore there is a lot to choose from at the Melbourne Cup races when it comes to delicious food. All the food is gourmet, made by companies who sponsor the races. Anything from champagne cocktails to zucchini fritters and quiches to caviar, antipasto boards and cupcake bouquets, there is something for everyone at the Melbourne Cup. Drinks are also an important part of the races. In every restaurant, you can get a variety of delicious cocktails, premium local and international beers, regional wines, spirits and soft drinks.

The marquees

The Melbourne Cup has a range of marquees, each offering luxury experiences for people who want to really pamper themselves and live a VIP lifestyle for the day. There are plenty of local, national and international celebrities who attend the Melbourne Cup who you may be lucky to bump into. This is enjoying the races at their absolute finest.

No matter how you seek to enjoy your day at the races, attending one of the events contained within the Melbourne Cup Carnival is some of the best fun you can have in Australia and something worth planning your journey around.

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