Who Invented the Mobile Phone?

This might look like an article which will answer just the question about who-who invented the mobile phone but this article as a little more than that. Make sure to read through the article in order to gain more information about the person who invented the phone and the evolution of the phones as well. There is a good amount of history behind the telephone and we will uncover that in this article.

Dr. Martin Cooper

Dr. Martin Cooper

Dr. Martin Cooper is the person credited with inventing the modern cell phone as well as inventing the first mobile phone which was made in New York city in April 1973. In the early 20th century, Nathan Stubblefield was awarded with a patent for his idea which helped the invention of the cave Radiophone. There are a good number of people who think that Nathan Stubblefield should be awarded with the credit of inventing the modern cellphone but the Technology behind the modern cell phones is not the same as a cave radio phone and that is the main reason he is not awarded with that credit.

So, what is the history behind the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell is one of the historians who is the greatest in Minds and has given the credit of of inventing the traditional telephone in 1876. After three decades, on 23rd December 2000, Reginald Fessenden made one of the world’s first wireless phone call and this was one of the Revolutionary changes in technology. The base behind this technology was using radio waves in order to transmit communication between radio Towers. This work was later used in the technology which is now used for broadcasting things. The mobile phone tower development was boosted as well as the conceptual basis for the future network was created because of him.

There was a good amount of demand for some sort of mobile communication technology by the consumers at that time and there were not many companies which sold the radiotelephones. This phone was similar to the radios which were handheld and which were dependent on the network which was installed by the operator. And the drawbacks were that this network was only capable of supporting a few phone calls at once and therefore the number of simultaneous calls were highly Limited.

So, if you are one of the people who was using this technology then you would have to wait a good amount of time before your call connected and the reason was the simultaneous limitations. The encryption was not that great and therefore the security was almost none because of the technology used. And another drawback was that the phones were really heavy and they approximated around 80 pounds.

Before the cell phone came into existence, there was a technology used known as hexagon cells, and these were used by a small number of people in 1950. These Technologies were developed by AT&T and Bell Labs. These things were only used by people who were insanely rich and were not widespread because of the limitations. These phones are referred to as zero generation cell phones.

Then came the first generation cell phones. This came when Dr. Martin Cooper used the cell phone to place the first call on April 3rd, 1973 and the call was made to Dr. Joel Engel. The weight of this phone was two pounds to be approximate and the name of this phone was Motorola dyna-tac.

The main concept behind the cell phone is that it a signal is sent to the tower and the tower transmits the signal between other Towers as long as the phone connects to the one on the other side. In order to place long distance call, the signal goes to the tower and then the tower determines whether the signal needs to be sent to a long distance or not and then accordingly connect the signal to the satellite in case that signal needs to be sent somewhere not nearby. That satellite again transmits the signal to another satellite and through the next satellite, the signal will reach the tower which is near the location of the receiver. It will now connect through those Towers and to the receiver’s phone. This technology is known as the second generation technology and this technology makes use of GSM.


As you can see, there are a good amount of Advanced calculations happening before the signal travels to the destination. These advancements were made thanks to the invention of the phone. We are not here to study the principles of digital communication and therefore we will end this article here. This article was just to give you a gist of the telecommunications industry. We hope that this article was educational. Have a great day.

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