Air Coolers and Air Conditioners are the two things which come in mind when we think about the hot summer months. To fight these few months and keep your body cool we usually pick between the Air Cooler and the Air Conditioner. As Air Conditioners costs a lot and also increases your electricity bills, one might think of choosing the Best Air Cooler over the Air Conditioner but are they really better? and are they really worth it? Let’s find out if it’s a wise decision or not.

Two Air Coolers

Price matters

So one of the most effective reasons why one should buy air cooler over air conditioner is that the capital cost is of an air conditioner is a lot more than air cooler and even if we compare electricity consumption air cooler consume 80-90% less electricity as compared to the air conditioner. The low power consumption of air cooler leads to saving on energy bills compared to using an air conditioner.

The capital cost of an Air Conditioner varies from ₹30000 to ₹50000 and it also consumes more electricity whereas Air Cooler comes with a label price of ₹4000 to ₹12000 and it also consumes very less electricity as compared to Air Conditioner. In a country like India where most of the population is below average when it comes to the economy , most of the people will surely choose Air Coolers over Air Conditioners.

Cooling Performance

Here an Air Conditioners wins the race over the Air Cooler, they cool the environment very fast and effectively as compared to coolers. The major reason why people choose an air conditioner’s over an air cooler just because air conditioner converts the hot air into cold air at a much faster rate and even keeps the room cool for a long time, on the other hand, Air Cooler just blows cold air toward a small area of your room.

The air conditioner is functionally different from Air Cooler because they don’t actually cool air but make it cooler by moving around. The advantage of the air conditioner is that they increase comfort level to a great extent during hot weather.


Air Coolers do promote go green for the betterment for our environment as it converts the outside hot air into cold and pushes it outwards, on the other hand Air conditioner use chemicals like Chlorofluorocarbons that are harmful for our environment and also for our health, Air conditioner turns the internal hot air into cool with the help of a refrigerant called CFS and Air Cooler uses water as their refrigerant. So air conditioner contributes indirectly to the release of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Installation and Portability

There is no installation needed in Air Coolers and So no servicemen are to be paid. You just simply buy the cooler and place it whenever and wherever you want to. You can also move your Air Cooler from room to room and can out anywhere.

Unlike Air Coolers, Air Conditioners demand installation by professional servicemen which charge few hundred bucks for their work which adds up to the cost, most of the time the installation cost is not included in the actual price and the company also doesn’t provide free installation a lot of times so you have to bear that cost from your pocket.

Noise pollution

Air Coolers do generate a lot of noise pollution but we can’t say that it is irresistible, there are a lot of air coolers which promises to be noise free but after some times of usage, they tend to create a lot of noises. Why So? it is because it blows the air towards you and in the process, the air creates a lot of noise.

If you have a small baby in your home then it’s not suitable as it will wake up your baby multiple times just because of the noise. On the other hand, Air Conditioners works silently. The indoor unit is completely silent and only the outdoor unit creates some noise and that can be ignored as you can’t hear that from inside.


There were times when Air Conditioner was not available in many areas or the installation was inappropriate according to the house or we can say their pockets don’t allow them to go for something so expensive, people like these use to rely on Air Coolers.

For the hot and dry region, one must choose Air Cooler as it is the best option for them, not only because of its economic nature but also it is environment-friendly and a healthy option for us today. Air Coolers packs a great value for money considering you have chosen the right one. You can browse the internet and go through all the available options in order to pick the right one.

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