During olden days only one in thousand only used to have Air-conditioner in their home and this seemed to be their luxury status, now it has turned vice versa, In this modern era there is not even a single home is there which do not have Air conditioners. The Best AC in India should be more cost-effective and it should help you to save energy and reduce the bill of electric consumption. Electric energy is the major source, loss of coal deposits might again turn our world dark so we need to conserve energy and pass it on to next generation, So even you should consider buying Best AC in India which will be able to save electric consumption and pass it on to the next generation. By setting the right temperature your air conditioner might work cost-effective and it helps in saving electric energy which is essential for the future generation.

What is the mechanism of air-conditioner?

We all know that by setting the temperature in your AC it starts cooling according to the temperature we set. Does it work in that way? No, this is not the mechanism of air-conditioner. The mechanism of air-conditioner cooling process goes in this way by it takes the indoor air, cools it by transients through the evaporator coil and reverts it to the room. Air-conditioners works on reciprocating the internal air with cooling it to the temperature set for the comfort of the person.

How the mechanism of Thermostat is carried out?

Thermo in general terms means heat. You all might have a temperature control at home called air-conditioner. Let us elaborate on the mechanism of the thermostat, it checks the temperature of the room and desist the compressor when the required temperature is obtained. Higher the temperature above 20 degrees this will help your compressor to run longer and enhances the energy-saving capacity and longevity of your air-conditioner.

What happens when the mechanism of compressor stops?

A Compressor is a tool that is used to run air-conditioner. Compressor stops working when thermostat percept that the required temperature is ceded and that is when the fan starts working with the reciprocated air. During this process, electricity consumption is carried only for the fan, and it is not for the compressor. The thermostat starts functioning when it identifies the temperature gets elevated again from the levels that we set. The electric consumption component of an air-conditioner is the compressor. Some air-conditioners have an inbuilt control where the functioning of the fan also stops and by this, you can save energy and it is also known to be the best AC in India.

What are the factors that influence the electricity consumption of Air-conditioner?

  • Room temperatur
  • Exterior temperature
  • Setting of temperature

If the discrepancy between the temperature repined and interior/exterior temperature is large, then the air conditioner will require a higher amount of electricity to cool the interior air to the required temperature since the compressor will run for a longer duration. Thermostat setting can help to reduce 5 percentage of the electricity consumption and this is known to be the Best AC in India. This can merely reduce bill charges and reduces electricity consumption.

Why ideal temperature has to be set for the thermostat?

We all are pretty aware that, setting up the higher temperature will not cause a reduction in the comfort level. For example, if the temperature is set between 23 degrees to 25 degrees Celcius it is known to be the ideal temperature. If the temperature is set to 24 degrees it helps in reducing electricity consumption and helps to increase the longevity of air-conditioner or compressor and it also provides greater comfort. Lesser the temperature setting higher the compressor functioning. This improves the longevity of compressor and air-conditioner.

How quick cool option works and its disadvantages?

For example, during sunny days we set the temperature to as low as 16 degree which is the maximum cooling capacity of an air-conditioner. During this process the compressor runs for more duration until you reach that cooling facility, though it gives comfort but is more electric consuming and quick cool options really don’t help when compared to 24 degrees setting, the compressor would stop if that desired temperature is obtained and it saves electricity and also helps in reducing the bill amount.

What was the mechanism of old air-conditioner without a thermostat?

During olden days only a few had air-conditioner and they had to work on binary mode and they had only two options like high and low, and now without a thermostat, no AC is manufactured. An air-conditioner without thermostat cannot help in regulating the air temperature. The high and low-temperature setting can help you only to change the speed. If the temperature is set high it will pump more air and if the temperature is low the speed of the fan remains slow.


Getting the best should be your ultimate goal and save electricity consumption. Here are a few tips can help you to save electric consumption, which is elaborated in the above topics. A perfect air-conditioner should help you to reduce the consumption of electric charges where the energy is saved and passed on to the next generation. By choosing the best air-conditioner you are choosing the cost-effective method where your air-conditioner and compressor have longer life when compared to other air-conditioners.

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