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Waiting for food is something that everybody hates! When they are hungry they need it right away. People get irritated while waiting in the queue in a restaurant, some can’t tell, they just keep calm until their turn comes. Now there are another set of people who have found the solution by ordering food from online food on demand apps like Faasos to get fresh food delivered at their doorstep within 30 minutes across India.

Faasos delivers all types of foods from breakfast to lunch to dinner all from your local restaurants even let you customize each order and you can also track your order in the meanwhile. What makes ordering food from Faasos more exciting is the great discount, cash back using a Faasos referral code.

We personally tried it and we loved it so today we will take a look at how Faasos refer and earn works and how you can get your food at a discount in just 5 minutes.

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What does Faasos referral code (54as188) offer?

Faasos lets you earn 125 credits (1 Faasos credits = 1 ₹) when your friend who has never ordered from Faasos before, sign up on the platform using your Faasos referral code and make their first order, it also rewards your friend 125 credits which they can use on their first order on Faasos.

The referral reward is even more for Faasos Elite members, if you sign up and becomes an elite member, you can earn 150 Faasos credits for each referral you make.

How to Avail 125 Faasos Credits on new Signup?

To start ordering food and earn 125 Faasos credits, You can either visit Faasos website from here or download the Faasos app for AndroidWindows or iOS from or you can search for the App “Faasos” on Play Store, Windows store or iOS App Store.

Sign Up on Faasos website:

  • Firstly visit this link
  • Now enter your Phone number, Email address, Full name, and Faasos referral code 54as188 if not already entered.
  • Voila! You just earned yourself 125 Faasos credit to use on your first order.

Sign Up on Faasos App:

  • First of all download the Faasos App on your smartphone
  • Now Enter your phone number and verify OTP
  • After verifying OTP, enter your Name, Email address, and Faasos referral code 54as188 if not already entered.
  • Congrats! You just earned yourself 125 Faasos credit to use on your first order.

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Here’s how you can get 10 More Faasos credits:

Do you know you can earn extra 10 Faasos credit for free just by Verifying your email address and entering basic detail?.

  • To do this first go to your profile by clicking on your Name on the Faasos app and enter your Date of birth and select Gender and finally click on Verify email address.
  • Now check your Inbox and click on the link provided by Faasos.
  • Done! You have successfully Verified your email address and earned yourself 10 More Faasos credits.

Faasos Elite Subscription:

Faasos offers an Elite subscription for those who order food more frequently using an online food ordering app. The Elite subscription on Faasos offers some extra benefits like free credits, special deals, and faster delivery.

Benefits of Faasos Elite Subscription:

  • Surprise dessert in every order – Faasos will give you a free random dessert on each order you make during the Elite Subscription, so you don’t need to order a separate dessert.
  • Birthday Credits – Faasos will provide you with free Faasos credits on your birthday to use on your next order.
  • Elite Exclusive menu and discount – You will get handpicked products and a special menu from partnered brands along with great discounts.
  • Prioritized delivery – Your order will be prioritized and will be delivered first than others. So you can get your hands on your food even faster.
  • Extra Credits on Referral – Now you can earn Rs.150 each for inviting your friends to sign up on Faasos using your Faasos referral code after becoming an Elite member.
  • Curated Partner Deals – Exclusive deals from partnered restaurants will be provided to you.

How to get Faasos Elite subscription?

You can join Faasos Elite in two ways, either transact for more than Rs.1800 on Faasos App and website within 60 days to get the Elite subscription for free or Skip this by Paying a Small amount of Rs.499 Rs.149 which will grant you the Elite Subscription for an entire year.

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Here’s how you can order food at discount using Faasos credits:

Once you have availed the free 135 Credits by using Faasos referral code

We will guide you on how to order your food at discount using free Faasos credits:

  • Firstly Browse through the menu and find what you want to order
  • While you are on the product page click on the Add button to move the product to your cart
  • Now go to cart and customize the item if you want or click on proceed to checkout
  • Make sure to keep the product price above Rs.250 excluding tax in order to use your existing Faasos credits, if your product is below Rs.250 you can add some desserts to make it above Rs.250
  • Use your free 135 Faasos credits which we availed earlier and see how the final amount changes.

Here’s a quick demonstration:

Discount after applying faasos referral code

Before using Faasos credits my Final Amount is Rs.300 including taxes.

Right after I use my free Faasos credits my final amount changes to Rs.158 Only, so now I availed up to a 50% discount on my using the free Faasos credits which we got earlier just by signing up using the Faasos referral code.

How to invite your friend to earn free Faasos credits?

To make yourself eligible for Faasos refer and earn, First, you have to make an order on Faasos, After that, you will be eligible to earn free credits by inviting your friends.

  • Go to Invite and Earn page
  • Now Note down your referral code and send it to your friend, so they can use your code while signing up on Faasos
  • Or Click on “Tap to Invite” button to Quickly send the referral code along with the download link on any social media platforms like WhatsApp messenger.

Now once your friend joins using your Faasos referral code he/she will receive free 125+10 Faasos credits and you will get 125 Credits or 150 (If you are an ELite subscription holder) once your friend places his first order.

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