It is the invention of the washing machine that has changed doing laundry for the better. Gone are the days when one would spend an entire day washing clothes. In addition to that, little energy is required to handle laundry. The impact of the devices is remarkable. Why not when their no comparison between the hand washing days and this washing machine era?

However, finding the best washing machine has proved to be a challenge for many customers. The first reason is the million and one models of the washing machine. The other one is the advancement of the invention. As time goes by, manufacturers have to adopt changes. A good example is technology. Those who have embraced it offers items that are more efficient and with better performance than their predecessors. As much as that is good, a layman identifying that progression can be a hard task.

Fortunately, this buying guide on the best washing machine in India 2019 will leave no stone unturned about what is worth spending on. Take a look at it for a wise buying decision.

The Top 10 Best Washing Machine in India 2019

What follows is a list of the best washing machines worth buying in 2019. As far as you are in India, you can rest assured that what you get is a product worth every penny. To make it clear why they are among the best, and to simplify the buying exercise, we will highlight relevant features as well. Read on!

1. Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading – Best Top Loading Washing Machine you can buy in 2019.

This washing machine by Haier which is available on Amazon takes the lead. That doesn’t come as a surprise because it is one of the best brands when it comes to house appliances. Just like other items, this product works very well.

It is a top load fully automatic washing machine. It is also easy to use. Its material is plastic which is not only durable but also rust-free. Let us take a look at its features.

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  • This washing machine falls under the category of the fully automatic top load.
  • Its capacity of 5.8 kg is ideal for a limited space.
  • It has up to 6 washing machines for versatility. They include spin, gentle, jeans, quick wash, and standard.
  • It has settings for drain, half-load, spin speed, memory function as well as rinse cycle.
  • Its spin tub can not only wash but also dry. Since it is just a single drum for the two, clothes do not face too much abrasion.
  • The digital display keeps you updated. You get to know what every wash cycle.
  • It has a quick wash function.
  • The fuzzy logic control is another plus. Upon loading the machine, it will measure the load of the clothes. It also identifies the amount of time necessary for the load.
  • Its quadra flow pulsator makes sure that cleaning can’t get any better. It distributes the detergent evenly to ensure that every piece of cloth is covered. Secondly, it ensures that tangling is a thing of the past.
  • Spin speed is 1000 rpm
  • One gets a full refund if he or she returns it within ten days. That is allowed in case of damage, defects or not as per the specifications.
  • It has a 2-year warranty.
  • As for the motor, the warranty is of up to 5 years.

2. IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading – One of the Best Front-Loading Washing Machine Available in India

The next incredible washing machine is by IFB. Unlike the previous one, it is a fully automatic front loading machine. It guarantees you excellent washing experience with its impressive wash system. For instance, it has a dynamic water system that ensures ample soaking of the clothes.

As great as it sounds, you will be surprised how easy it is when it comes to operating it.

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  • It is a front-loading washing machine.
  • Its capacity is 8 kg
  • It offers the tub clean for odor, bacteria, scaling and impurities elimination.
  • It has a 4-year warranty which is also comprehensive.
  • You can put more clothes during the washing cycle.
  • It offers auto balance system, time delay, air bubble wash, and silk special features.
  • The ball valve technology which releases water but keeps the detergent in.
  • It has an LCD which is extremely user-friendly

3. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load – Amazon’s #1 Best Seller Washing Machine

With its numerous wash programs, this washing machine is another ideal choice. If your family has 3 to 4 members, this is worth considering. It is a fully automatic top load washing machine.

Its design is stylish, and the grey color makes it visually appealing. Other features make them among the best. Read on to get an idea of what this product offers.

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  • Its drum size is 6.2 kilograms hence ideal for a small family.
  • It comes with a comprehensive warranty of 2 years.
  • It has 5 water levels.
  • Its cycles are 6.
  • It has a diamond drum and a center jet pulsator
  • Other great features include a magic filter, air turbo, tempered glass window, and child lock.

4. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading – Best Washing Machine by Bosch 

Bosch also has a great washing machine. First of all, it is a fully automatic top load washing machine. The body is rust-free hence promotes durability. It also has a variety of washing programs, and the cleaning results will impress you. There is more than the standard washing machine can offer as illustrated below.

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  • The capacity of its drum is 6.5 kg.
  • The machine offers up to 8 wash programs.
  • The drum is durable since its material is steel
  • Its lid is easy to open
  • It has two dispensers that dispense powder and liquid too automatically.
  • It has a 2-year and 10-year warranties for the product and the motor, respectively.
  • The speed is up to 680 RPM

5. Whirlpool 7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading – Best & Cheapest Semi-Automatic Washing Machine In India

The next washing machine is by Whirlpool. It is one of the best semi-automatic washing machines. It is also a perfect recommendation to families of between 3 and four members. The flow back design facilitates the flowing of the water as well as the detergent back to the tub. Below are incredible features.

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  • It has a capacity of about 7 kg.
  • Its warranty is compressive and lasts up to 2 years after purchase.
  • Its tub has a large volume of about 66L for complete dirt removal.
  • It has a digital panel which is waterproof.
  • It’s multi-utility tray assists when sorting as well as carrying dry clothes.
  • It uses the super soak technology
  • In case you pause, its inbuilt memory will let it know where to resume
  • It has an in-built scrubber
  • It also has a lint collector

6. Lloyd 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading – One of best Washing Machine Offered by Lloyd

When it comes to this fully automatic front loading washing machine by Lloyd, laundry moments will never be the same. It has excellent features which follow in a moment.

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  • The washing machine has a capacity of about 7 kg.
  • It has a 5-year motor warranty and a 2-year product warranty.
  • Load imbalance sensor
  • It can monitor the water level.
  • One can add clothes in the middle of the cycle
  • Its soak wash technology promotes cleaning quality
  • The LCD simplifies operation

7. Godrej 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading – Best Washing from India’s Most Trusted Brand Godrej.

The next great product is a fully automatic front loading washing machine by Godrej. It is ideal for not only couples but also bachelors. The product is on our list because of the following amazing features.

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  • It has a capacity of 6 kg
  • For faster drying, it has a spin speed of 1000 RPM
  • Its unique features include foam protection and eco-balance
  • It has a 2-year warranty which is comprehensive
  • In case of damage or defects, you can return it within ten days.
  • It has 15 wash programs.
  • Your little is also safe thanks to its child lock
  • No wrinkles either and it will eliminate all the allergens.

8. Mitashi 7.8 Kg Fully-automatic Top-loading – Best & Most Affordable 7.8 Kg Washing Machine

We also have another tremendous yet cheap fully automatic top load washing machine by Mitashi. It is available on Amazon. Let us take a look at the outstanding features of this excellent product.

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  • It has up to 4 wash programs
  • The capacity is 7.8 kg
  • It also has an LED Display
  • It detects overload and imbalance automatically
  • Its intelligent hall sensor identifies the necessary power, time and water required for a particular load on its own
  • Its automatic turn off saves energy.
  • It is easy to use
  • Kids will be safe thanks to its child lock

9. LG 7.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading – Top rated Semi-Automatic Washing Machine in India.

With this washing machine by LG. With its various washing programs, you can wash any cloth. It is that customization that guarantees safety to all your clothes regardless of the type of fabric. Even colored garments will be saved from damage. It is yet another semi-automatic washing machine that is worth every penny. Below are features that support that fact.

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  • It has a capacity of 7.5 kg
  • The warranty is not only comprehensive but lasts for two years
  • Its spin speed is 1400 RPM which is ideal for fast drying
  • One can return it within the first ten days if it falls short of excellence
  • It allows soaking before washing
  • The rat away technology ensures that rats don’t damage the gadget
  • It has 3 wash programs
  • Its roller jet pulsator provides perfect cleaning

10. BPL 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading – Most Afforable Washing Machine.

Last but not least, we have a fully automatic top load washing machine by BTL. It is worthy since it is durable. That does not come as a surprise since it has a stainless steel tub. After years amounting to more than 50 of manufacturing such product, it is obvious that it will not disappoint. Its features unveil in a moment so keep reading.

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  • The capacity is 6.2 kg
  • It has a delay start feature, and the timing can be up to 24 hours
  • Its spin speed is 750 RPM
  • The 1 year comprehensive warranty is also great
  • It has 10 wash programs
  • It corrects an imbalance automatically
  • Its air dryer dries your clothes quickly
  • It also shuts down automatically after every washing cycle

The Top 10 Best Washing machine brands in India

From the above options, we considered a brand as one of the factors when choosing the top 10 best washing machines in India. It is always advisable to purchase something from a brand that you trust. In addition to that, it should be well-known. Mostly, it is such brands that offer excellent products.

They have a reputation to guard. Additionally, they know that branding is not easy and hence wouldn’t compromise what they have done to get up there. Below is a discussion of the best washing machine brands in India 2019.

1. Haier

This is a Chinese brand that has been serving the Indian market with great washing machines since 2003. It is among the leading brands due to the impressive design of their products. The company provides great white and grey products. It is one of the best when it comes to warranty.

It offers up to 5 years of warranty. That, as well as the near-zero pressure technology, makes it one of the best washing machine brand in India. It has several options including semi-automatic, front load fully automatic and top load fully automatic. It was also the winner of the best washing machine brand in India last year.

2. IFB

IFB means India Fine Blacks. It makes microwaves, dishwashers and washing machine among others. The brand uses German technology to give you great washing machines. With features such as Aqua Energie, detergents spread evenly and also works accordingly. The clothes also become soft. Clothes also get soaked completely.

That is thanks to the shower as well as water jet in the paddle. Rodents such as rats cannot enter. The quiet operation and its ability to correct a problem are also impressive. It is also very economic when it comes to the electricity, water and washing powders that you will need.

3. Samsung

When it comes to the washing machine brands in India, Samsung is yet another incredible choice. It has been dominating since 1995. Despite being more than two decades old, reliability and quality have never changed. If there is a change, it is for the better.

That includes new technologies that keep improving the lives of people including the laundry sector. It is obvious that they keep evolving and always do extensive research before any change.

4. LG

From design to features, LG washing machines are top-notch. Their products are always stylish and modern. They are also visually appealing. They adopt technologies that are not only the latest but also the best. The washing machines have great performance and sturdy enough to last for a long time.

It sets the pace in the washing machine industry especially when it comes to innovations. The Korean brand sells about 173 models of washing machines in India. Its outstanding features include wrinkle-free wash, digital display, direct drive as well as hand wash among others.

5. Bosch

This is also a giant when it comes to washing machines. It is renowned not only India but also Europe. The German brand will never disappoint you if you settle for its washing machines. For instance, the European energy efficiency rating is always A+++. Some of its technologies include speedperfect technology, activewater sensor technology as well as allergyplus technology.

The door opens at an angle of about 140 degrees which is perfect for loading and unloading. Other great features include a digital display and an unbalanced load sensor. Its only downside is the pricing which may not be okay for many average people.

6. Whirlpool

It is an American company. The brand has various models including front load fully automatic, top load fully automatic, fully automatic 360-degree machines and semi-automatic washing machines. During its operation which started way back in 1911, it has gained a lot of experience.

That explains its fantastic mastery in the art of manufacturing washing machines among other home appliances. The latest technologies, remarkable innovations as well as the customization are some of the things that make it stand out. It also has incredible features including jet wash and sensor based load detection.

The gentle tumbling wash is another feature worth jolting down. Not even hard water will prevent its machines from performing excellently.

7. Godrej

Best known for its great innovation which is the inclined drum front loading machines, Godrej is a brand that has earned a place among the best in India. Its headquarters are in Mumbai. Many people also know it because of cupboards and locks. That is not only that it offers.

There are other common models of washing machines. This brand uses the direct drive technology for an excellent result. It also facilitates the noiseless operation for great products. It can also remove even the most stubborn stains. Why not when it uses the U-Sonic stain remover technology as well? That’s not all. Its additional features include load indicator, tub clean, inbuilt heater, digital display and detergent mixer among others.

8. Lloyd

Lloyd is another one of the best washing machine brands in India 2019. It offers semi-automatic, fully automatic top load as well as fully automatic front load washing machine.

The products are rich in features. For that reason, washing clothes turn into one of the simplest house chores. Outstanding features include intelligent control, additional soaking, tangle-free pulsator, and one-touch operation among others. They are stylish as well as user-friendly.

9. Mitashi

This is an Indian brand based in Mumbai that offers customers the best electronic products. With the help of intelligent minds, the brand came into existence in 1998. Its washing machines are perfect.

Some great features include many wash programs, wash methods that do not overexpose clothes abrasion and great spin speed. Mitashi offers front load fully automatic, top load fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines.

10. BPL

This is an Indian brand that never lets its customers down when it comes to electronics. Its washing machines are excellent. On top of that, the price of the product is reasonable. That guarantees you great value for your money.

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Just like the end of our every typical post like best ac in india, this segment highlights the aspects that one should think about before settling for your final choice. It will ensure that you have an easy time breaking the tie between the ten options discussed above. Continue reading for those hints and highlights.

Factors to consider when buying a washing machine

1. Drum Size or Capacity

It refers to the carrying capacity of the device. It is the weight that of dry washing that you can load into it for a single wash. The most common ones range from 6 to 10kg. When deciding on what to settle for regarding capacity, one determining factor is the number of your family members.

It is also good to note that a larger one is better than a small one. First, you can wash a lot of clothes easily. Large garments such as duvets will also not be a bother. In addition to that, they are relatively efficient. For instance, a large one will require less detergent and water than a small one despite washing the same amount of laundry.

2. Durability

It is evident that the machine will be working in dumpy conditions. Due to that, it is important to buy those that can withstand such conditions. The material should be rust-resistant despite the often encounter with water. Since it is also an expensive investment, it would only be fair if it lasted for a reasonable amount of time.

The most determining aspect is the tub material. It can be porcelain-enamel, plastic as well as stainless steel. Due to the tendency to chip and rust, many experts do not recommend enamel ones. As for the plastic ones, they are cheap and also lasts for long. However, stainless steel is the best for obvious reasons. They can withstand almost everything.

3. The amount of energy the machine uses

Energy conservation is important because it saves you unnecessary cost. If you settle for a washing machine that uses a lot of energy, the bill will go high which would make the running cost too expensive. Luckily, manufacturers will always let you know about that as per the EU Energy Label system grade.

It ranges from A+++ to A. It is advisable to go for the one with the highest grade which is A+++. Look for a product with low kWh/year which is the amount of power that it will consume annually. It is often on the label together with the amount of water consumed. For the water, it is the annual amount of water in litres annually.

4. Ease of Use

Some manufacturers keep chasing technology. That means they are likely to have the best products in the market. However, that may not be of great use if they ignored the ease of use in the process.

You should ensure that you don’t get a product that is good at what it does but hard to use at the same time. Therefore, it is a high recommendation to go for one that is easy to use or which you can understand easily.

5. Display

It would be a wise choice if you settled for a washing machine with an LCD. It will display all the necessary information regarding all processes taking place. As a result, you will remain updated about the progress all along. Some have their display working as operation panel as well.

6. Number and Types of Washing Programs

The more the number of wash modes the better. That will mean that you are at liberty to wash various types of clothes. Some are delicate while others are not.

Depending on your favourite material, it is easy to identify what you want for a washer. As far as some modes are concerned, they fall under the category of special modes. They include the silk and wool ones. Other remarkable settings are the likes of easy-iron as well as anti-creasing. They are small, but the difference they make can’t be overstated.

7. The Speed of the Spin

This is a factor that determines the time it will take your drier to dry the clothes after washing. Its measurements are in revolutions in every minute. The faster, the better.

8. Functionality

When it comes to washing machines, the way, the various model function will differ from one product to another. Some wash while others dry. There are those that do both as well. Put that into consideration too before making the decision.

9. Fuzzy Logic

For a machine that has such a feature, settings are not really necessary. It can detect the type of clothes being washed and choose the appropriate washing cycle automatically.

In addition to that, it can sense the load of the laundry. Once it does, it determines the detergent, water and time required for the wash. That makes the washing machine relatively convenient with negligible supervision needed.

10. Temperature Control

When it comes to dirt and stains, some washing machine has a steam setting for that. Then, there is the logic that warm water will clean better than cold water. That is where the temperature control comes in.

11. Time-Delay

This one brings convenience to a whole new level. Some people are sensitive to noise and would prefer operating the machine while away. This feature makes that possible. One loads the machine, but the washing will start after some time.

12. Pre-Soak

The feature will make washing more efficient.

Other factors may cause a dilemma. Read on to ensure that you don’t find yourself in crossroads when you go shopping.

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Semi-Automatic Washing Machine vs. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

When it comes to semi-automatic, it is somewhere in between as the name suggests. It lies between the fully automatic and hand washing. Most of them have two tubs for washing and drying.

Therefore, once washing is over, you will have to move your clothes to the drying tub. That means that it is partly automatic and partly manual. The advantages and disadvantages of semi-automatic washing machines are as follows.


  • It is relatively pocket-friendly.
  • Its operation cost is low.
  • You are the one who determines the amount of load to wash per cycle.
  • No need for a continuous water connection.
  • It is also easily portable.
  • It consumes less time than its counterpart.


  • It is not compact hence occupies a lot of space.
  • It requires your supervision which will take up your time.

On the other hand, fully automatic washing machines will not require any supervision. It has only one tub that does both washing and drying. Therefore, shifting clothes is unnecessary. Below are some pros and cons of the fully automatic washing machine.


  • It is more efficient than the semi-automatic one.
  • Just a press of a button and the washing machine will do all the work.
  • You don’t have to fill the bucket or pipe with water manually.
  • It is compact and occupies less space.
  • It will save the user time since supervision is unnecessary.
  • The wash quality is also excellent.


  • It requires one to dig deep into the pocket.
  • It also consumes more energy than its counterpart.

Front Load Washing Machine vs. Top Load Washing Machine

One comes to this dilemma state after settling for a fully automatic washing machine. It is the category that further subdivides into the front load and top load. After this discussion, it will be easy to know what you want for yourself.

Front-loaders resemble a dryer. It has a transparent door that is on the front where you place the laundry. During its operation, the machine rotates the drum and in return moves the clothes. In the process, it tumbles them. Here are the merits and demerits of front load washing machines.


  • Its maintenance cost is lower than that of a top loader.
  • The water usage is conservative.
  • They offer your clothes a thorough cleaning.
  • It is smooth on your clothes.
  • They have in-built heaters.
  • They have many settings.


  • You will have to spend more than buying a top loader.
  • You can’t add clothes until a cycle is over.

The top loader washing machine is another great option. Unlike the front loader, it has a lid on top. That’s where you place your clothes which explains the name.

As for the top loaders, you can choose impeller or agitator. The agitator has a winged pole at the center of the drum. On the other hand, the impeller moves the clothes by fanning them. The pros and cons of top loader washing machines include:


  • It costs less than a front loader.
  • The portability is also a walk in the park.
  • One is at liberty to add more clothes in the middle of a cycle.
  • It is relatively fast.


  • They use a lot of water
  • They are also rough on one’s clothes.

Once one weighs the pros and cons of each option, it will undoubtedly be easy to know about the way to go.

Washing Machines Technologies

1. Smart Technology

With the evolution of the likes of smartphones and the rest, washing machines are also not lagging behind. A good example is the LG models. Due to their Near Field Communication tech, diagnosis, as well as monitoring, is a walk in the park.

The feature facilitates the use of a smartphone with the help of an app to simplify the operation and control. As soon as a problem arises, the app will help with the identification as well as diagnosis. In addition to that, it will offer troubleshooting solutions. Samsung is not an exception since it has the Smart Control application.

2. Automatic Dispenser

It is hard to tell the right amount of detergent for a particular washing load. Neither too little nor too much is good for the machine and clothes. That is why brands have come with technologies to counteract that ordeal. For instance, the Whirlpool incorporates Auto Detergent Dosage technology.

It determines the right amount of detergent. It can sense not only the soiling level but also the amount of load. That makes it dispense just the right amount of detergent for the task.

Another similar technology is the iDOS by Bosch. It is what draws a line between the brands 6 and eight series. It can identify the extent of soiling as well as the hardness of the water.

3. Inverter Technology

It has a significant impact on the performance of the washing machine. It ensures that the device works as per the requirement of the washing time. At the same time, it also saves power. The technology ensures that the motor operates depending on the specific laundry. That brings about the various speeds which are determined by a particular load. It does that with the help of an excellent electronic circuit.

4. Innovative Drum Technology

Many brands want to give the buyer the best washing machines. The drum is one of the elements that can support that or destroy it. It determines whether your fabric will remain intact after a wash. That is why its design is crucial. The Diamond Drum technology by Samsung is an exemplary example.

The drum has holes which protect the fabric and avoids damage. On that same vein, Bosch uses VarioDrum technology. It ensures that a change in the spinning direction of the machine does not destroy the clothes.

5. Inbuilt Heaters

It is apparent that warm water will clean better than the cold ones. After all, heating water changes hard water to soft water automatically. That is why some brands have adopted this technology.

It heats water to the extent that it can eliminate even the most stubborn stains. The leaders in this category are both Samsung and Whirlpool. The former uses ceramic heaters that can even withstand calcium salts. Equally important, they save energy consumption.

6. Direct Drive Technology

It is another technology that leads to power conservation. It eliminates the likes of belts and gears of the motor. Due to that, there is lesser friction, and that saves a lot of energy. Others go a step further to utilize this technology together with the inverter one mentioned above. In return, the washing machine becomes even more efficient.

7. TwinWash & Flexwash Technology

Samsung is one of the few brands that offer this. It ensures that one reaps the benefits of a top-load and a front load washing machine. At the same time, you can wash different types of clothes with two separate modes simultaneously.

8. Noise Reduction

For the noise problem, there is a technology that will reduce it as low as possible. Vibration also goes down. That improves the convenience of the machine. Bosch and Samsung use Ant vibration technology and Vibration Reduction Technology plus-VRT+, respectively.

9. Wave Motion and 6-Motion DD

Motion technologies ensure that every clothing gets a perfect wash regardless of its type. That explains the various washing methods in IFB, LG as well as Samsung among others. The LG 6-Motion DD facilitates 6 washing motions. They include rolling, filtration, scrubbing, swing, tumble, and stepping.

As for the Whirlpool, there is SoftMove technology. It determines the best program for your load. Its methods include Slow Motion, Soft cradle, Power Shower, motion technology, and Energetic wash. Those of IFB include O2 wash, cradle wash, steam wash, air bubble wash, and 360-degree wash.

10. Soaking

They include the BubbleSoak technology and SuperSoak Technology by Samsung and Whirlpool, respectively. Ample soaking improves the washing quality.

Final Thoughts

It is no secret that a washing machine has changed from a luxury to necessity over the years. Another fact is the many brands offering various models. Fortunately, one can easily settle for a great washing machine with the help of this piece. It gives a detailed discussion of the best washing machines in India in 2019.

As promised, it has left no stone unturned as far as washing machines are concerned. That and the top-notch choices makes the reading worthwhile. The icing on the cake is how simple it will be for you the reader to make this momentous buying decision.

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